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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Campus Trails & Wildlife


Southwest Florida and the FGCU campus contain beautiful environments where people can be closer to the natural world and the wildlife within it. Our campus is located on 800 acres with over 400 acres of carefully restored and preserved wetlands and uplands that are home to a variety of wildlife - some of which are listed by state and federal agencies as Endangered, Threatened, or Species of Special Concern.

But interacting with wildlife, especially by providing food, can reduce their natural fear of humans and place them in danger.  All wild animals must not be fed or approached. Some animals have become accustomed to the presence of people and are attracted to waste receptacles, dumpsters, or food spilled or left uneaten. Please do not to approach wildlife and notify campus police if you observe wildlife approaching people.  

Also, please observe all posted speed limits to minimize collisions with wildlife. Thank you for helping us keep our wildlife healthy and wild - and people safe!

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