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Eagle ID Office

Eagle ID Office

Card Policy


All FGCU Eagle ID cards are the property of Florida Gulf Coast University and are provided for appropriate identification purposes and access to products and services. The card is not transferable and is valid as long as the cardholder continues his/her specific affiliation with the University. Any misuse, alteration, or fabrication of the card may subject the cardholder to revocation of the card and may result in disciplinary action by the University.

FGCU Eagle ID cards will be issued under the individual’s University Identification Number (UIN), which is printed on the face of the card. Cards are issued by the Eagle ID Card Office. Off-site students and employees must come to the FGCU Main Campus to be issued an FGCU Eagle ID card. Distance Learning students and employees residing outside our five-county area (Lee, Charlotte, Hendry, Collier, Glades) can contact the University Eagle ID Card Office to obtain an application form, or download the Eagle ID Card Distance User Request Form, and follow the instructions to secure an Eagle ID card.

Only one FGCU Eagle ID card is issued to each person. Cards are issued based on an individual’s primary affiliation at FGCU. There is a hierarchy in the system that determines an individual’s primary affiliation. If an individual is affiliated with FGCU in more than one way, the designation on their Eagle ID card will reflect the affiliation closest to the bottom of the list below.

1. Membership plan members – issued a card with a MEMBERSHIP designation

2. Applicants for admission – issued a card with a STUDENT designation

3. Courtesy/Emeritus – issued a card with an EMPLOYEE designation

4. Adjuncts – issued a card with an EMPLOYEE designation

5. OPS Staff – issued a card with an EMPLOYEE designation

6. Student - issued a card with a STUDENT designation

7. Regular Staff – issued a card with an EMPLOYEE designation

If an individual’s primary affiliation changes and a new Eagle ID card designation results from this change, a replacement ID card will be given.

Access to facilities and events on campus is granted using an Eagle ID card and is driven by the individual’s affiliation with the University. An individual’s affiliation is not necessarily the same as an Eagle ID card designation.

FGCU Eagle ID card photographs are digitized and stored electronically. FGCU retains full rights to these photographs for use in official administrative functions only by Human Resources, the University Police Department or the Office of the Registrar. The Eagle ID card office will not provide these photos to any outside entity.

Government-issued identification with photograph must be presented prior to an FGCU Eagle ID card being issued. Appropriate forms of identification include a passport, driver's license, or military/government identification card. The University reserves the right to challenge the validity of any identification presented to obtain an FGCU Eagle ID, if said identification appears altered, worn, unclear, photocopied, or issued by an unrecognized organization or institution. In these cases, an additional government-issued ID may be required.

Under no circumstances shall a potential cardholder be permitted to wear any type of hat or face covering, including, but not limited to, veils, masks, sunglasses, or visors, that covers any part of the head, during the photographing for an FGCU Eagle ID card. If requested, privacy will be provided during the photographing process. All photographs will be taken one person at a time, front-facing with no hand or other gestures.

All contents of the FGCU Eagle ID card (including, but not limited to design, magnetic stripe, information, photographs, and printed and graphic elements) are subject to the control of FGCU. Furthermore, the information provided on the magnetic stripe may not be "deconstructed," "reverse-engineered" or otherwise tampered with, and its elements used without written consent from the appropriate FGCU authority. It is the sole responsibility of the University to preserve the integrity of the magnetic stripe data, and under no circumstances is it permissible for any person or persons, whether affiliated with FGCU or not, to modify this stripe.

The ability to deposit funds onto an Eagle ID card online is open to anyone. In order to ensure that the deposit is going to the Eagle ID card intended, the person depositing funds is prompted to enter the cardholder's University Identification Number (UIN) and last name. This information is then validated against Banner and the system prompts the person depositing funds to confirm the full name and UIN a second time.

The Eagle ID card is the property of Florida Gulf Coast University. Individuals must surrender the identification card if so instructed by the University Police Department or an FGCU official. The individual card holder is responsible for protecting all services and products provided by that identification card. No cardholder is permitted to lend his/her identification card to others for any purpose. This includes accepting payment for University services or products onto your card and then using it to make a payment on someone's behalf.

Replacement ID cards can be purchased at the Eagle ID Card office using a credit/debit card or at the Cashier’s office using cash, check, credit/debit or Eagle Dollars. If a replacement card is purchased at the Cashier's office, individuals should bring their receipt back to the Eagle ID card office to obtain their photo and replacement card.

When a lost ID card is received in the Eagle ID Card Office, it will immediately be determined if the card is active in the system. If the card is active, it will be immediately frozen in the system. The frozen card will be stored in the ID Card Office. If the card is not active, meaning a replacement card has already been issued, the card will be immediately shredded. Once a card is frozen, the ID Card Office staff will send an email out to the individual letting them know their lost card has been received.

Individuals can obtain a replacement card at no charge in the following circumstances:

1. Malfunctioning card – a replacement for a malfunctioning card will be issued at no charge if there is no visible damage to the black MAG stripe on the back of the card, the ID card itself has no visible damage and the malfunctioning card is the current ACTIVE card in the system OR the card was issued more than 3 years ago.

2. Name change – a replacement card for a name change will be issued at no charge if the old card is returned.

3. Stolen card – a replacement card will be issued at no charge as long as a detailed police report is provided to the Eagle ID card office. A case number does not qualify as a police report.