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U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering

U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering

Engineering Council



  QR Code - Engineering CouncilMission & Vision Statement:

Mission: The Engineering Council will actively Advise, Advocate, and Advance on behalf of the College, and will provide leadership for the College’s quest to grow strategically and to deliver unsurpassed value in engineering education.

Vision: The Engineering Council will be instrumental in enabling the College to succeed in completing its mission and strategic plan. The Council will be a model of effective support to a young engineering college by being visionary planners, passionate advocates, and steadfast agents for advancement.

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Liaison to University Advancement: Bill Rice
VP of Advancement: Chris Simoneau

Executive Committee
Chair:  Gary Griffin
Vice Chair:  Jeff Wilson
Liaison:  Richard Behr

Strategic Planning
Chair:  Tom Taylor
Members: Tom Corcoran, Chris Curran, G. Burtt Holmes, Thomas Perry, Mike Smith
Liaison:  Robert O'Neill

Chair: Richard Lewis
Members: Ron Abboud, Chris Allen, Jack Dillon, Dana Hume, Steve Shimp
Liaison:  Lisa Zidek

Chair:  Bill Rice (Reporting)
Members: Ricardo Albertorio, Fred Edman, Josh Evans, John Ford, Chris Geiger, Dahai Guo, Bob Kramer, John Woolschlager
Liaison:  Richard Behr

Upcoming Meetings:
Agenda Friday, December 1, 2017, 3:00PM - 5:00PM Emergent Technologies Institute (ETI) #115

Council MINUTES from Previous Meetings:

Minutes from 11/04/13 Meeting
Minutes from 2/26/14 Meeting
Minutes from 11/14/14 Meeting
Minutes from 11/6/15 Meeting
Minutes from 12/9/16 Meeting