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Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning

Minor Project/Facilities Change Request


McTarnaghan Hall

This change request process has many advantages for both you and for the University.  It is an instrument to help us expedite the project, determine if a permit is required, determine any impacts to existing operations and systems, and helps tracking of space usage. 

Expedite Project: This request immediately notifies us of your need and provides us concise information to serve you best.  Once the request is made, you will be contacted shortly, typically within 24 hours or less, at which time we will discuss your proposed project in greater detail.  We can then help guide you through the project in a way that is appropriate to the scope and efficient for you.

Permitting: Once the scope of the project is understood, we can determine if a permit is required or not.  This is an important advantage for maintaining a safe and healthy campus environment.  The University Building Code Official and the State Fire Marshal’s Office are responsible to confirm all facility changes follow the minimum requirements of the Florida Building Code and the Florida Fire prevention code.  Keep in mind, even casual furniture changes can have impacts on the life safety features of a building and can create unsafe conditions.

Operational and Systems Impacts: We will review any affects your project may have on other University operations and on building services systems such as electrical, mechanical and plumbing.  This may help reveal any unexpected project scope early and save us all time and effort.  For example, a simple change in the use of a space such as from a storage room to an office will likely change the load on the air conditioning system and may lead to an uncomfortable work environment for someone in the end.

Space Usage Data: The University is required by the Board of Governors to collect, maintain and report our usage of all University space.  Any change to a room or space, interior and exterior, must be documented and reported and is done so by the combined efforts of many University departments.  This process helps us determine if there is an intended change in usage early, which may affect other departments.

The below form is provided to help expedite the facility changes that will benefit students, faculty, and staff. The information submitted will go directly to Facilities Planning and help us determine how your project should be managed and who will complete the work. Submission of the form below is the first step in initiating any facility change on campus. Even for those projects which are ultimately performed by Physical Plant, your request begins here. Thank you, and we look forward to working with you!


All departments under the purview of Academic Affairs must get approval from AA before enlisting the services of Facilities Planning. See the AA Approval Form.

Submit a Facilities Planning Request Here
(This form is only accessible to FGCU employees with a Network connection.)

Space Custodians: Open the Space Verification Form Here