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FGCU Faculty Senate

FGCU Faculty Senate

Senate Planning & Budget Advisory Committee


The SPBAC was an affiliated committee of the Faculty Senate that consisted of all in-unit faculty appointed by the President to represent faculty on the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) and its affiliated committees. The Planning and Budget Council (PBC) was disbanded during the 2017-18 academic year. The information here is being kept for archival purposes until it can be moved elsewhere.



MEMBER 2016-2017 REP 2016-2017
Shawn Felton Planning and Budget Council. Budget Committee, Strategic Planning
Beth Elliott Planning and Budget Council
Megan McShane Planning and Budget Council
Mollie Venglar Planning and Budget Council
Sulekha Coticone Planning and Budget Council, Strategic Planning and Institutional Effectiveness Committee, Strategic Planning
Tom Felke Budget Committee
Halcyon St. Hill Budget Committee
Nora Demers Safety and Facilities Committee
Luis Garcia-Fierro Safety and Facilities Committee
Scott Anstadt Environmental Sustainability Committee
Hulya Yazici Environmental Sustainability Committee
Joanna Salapska-Gelleri             Information Resources Committee
Peter Reuter Enrollment and Retention Committee


SPBAC Procedural Guidelines