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FGCU Faculty Senate

FGCU Faculty Senate

Faculty Resources


Current FAF, PDP & Faculty Performance Evaulation Document (FPED)

FAF-Faculty Assignment Form-updated April 8, 2016
PDP-Professional Development Plan-updated April 8, 2016
FPED-Faculty Performance Evaluation Document-approved May 23, 2016

2014-15 Faculty Senate Reports and Whitepapers

2014-15 Faculty Senate Annual Report
2014-15 Faculty Senate Roster
2014-15 Faculty Senate Work Plans
2014-15 Guidelines on Graduate Faculty Appointment and Functions
2014-15 Academic Calendar Guidelines

2013-14 Faculty Senate Reports and Whitepapers

Faculty Senate Annual Report 2013-14
2013-14 Faculty Senate Roster
Appendix 1 Work Plans Combined
Appendix 2 Future Direction (Endorsed by Senate 3/28/14)
Appendix 3 Shared Governance
Shared Governance Ad Hoc Team Report - approved April 11, 2014
FGCU Faculty Review of the Approved Board of Governor's Performance Funding Model - approved March 14, 2014

2012-13 Faculty Senate Reports and Whitepapers

Faculty Senate Annual Report 2012-13 [.pdf]
Appendix 1 Senate Team Work Plans
Appendix 2 Faculty Senate Strategic Planning Forum
Appendix 3 Faculty Feedback on Role of Instructor
Faculty Affairs Team Response to Student and Success and Retention - approved April 12, 2013
Senate Panel on University Growth and Academic Quality Approved Report, March 15, 2013
Nine Flawed Assumptions of Higher Education, Executive Summary of 'Nine Flawed Assumptions' (approved by Faculty Senate, January 2012)

2011-12 Faculty Senate Reports and Whitepapers

Faculty Senate Annual Report 2011-12
Appendix 1 Senate Team Work Plans
Appendix 2 Faculty Senate Effectiveness Survey results
Appendix 3 University PBC Structure and Faculty Governance flowchart
Appendix 4 Faculty Feedback Regarding Space Utilization

Faculty Senate Strategic Directives and Reports 2007-2010 [.pdf] 

Faculty Governance and Shared Governance

Advisory Council of Faculty Senates

Elections Schedule for Faculty Senate Teams- updated 2/10/2012

FGCU Planning and Budget Council

PBC and Faculty Governance Relationships, 3-16-12[ppt.]

Statement of Reaffirmation of Shared Governance at FGCU, October 18,2012 [.pdf]

University Governance Structure Chart - August 10, 2012[.ppt]

Definitions, Guidelines and Policies

2015-2018 Collective Bargaining Agreement (Located on the Provost's Web site)

Emeritus- approved November 5, 2008 [.pdf - 35kb]

FGCU Environmental Sustainability Definition by ESC - approved 10-27-11

Faculty Professional Development Fund Grant Guidelines 2015-2016

Faculty Senate Bylaws - Revised 3-27-15

General Graduate Acdemic Policies[.pdf - 102 kb]

Graduate Faculty Appointment and Review Policy - [.pdf - 38kb]

Honorary Degrees: Criteria and Selection Procedures - under revision, see new policy

Professional Development Leave Guidelines - approved August 6, 2012

Sabbatical Guidelines - approved August 6, 2012

Syllabus Guidelines- Approved April 15, 2016

FGCU Resources

Assessment at FGCU

Faculty Handbook   

Higher Education News

Board of Governors news clips

Textbook Affordability Statute - October 8, 2012

Florida General Education Reform Steering Committee Website

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