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FGCU Campus Food Pantry

FGCU Campus Food Pantry

How to Hold a Food Drive


What is a Food Drive? 

A food drive is a concentrated effort to collect food within a certain period of time. We ask that you coordinate your effort with the FGCU Campus Food Pantry (CFP). The pantry staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to a collection effort. Below are some common questions you will want to ask yourself before starting your drive:

  1. What dates would you like to hold your drive?
  2. Do you want your drive to have a theme such as "Feed Our Students"
  3. Do you have sturdy boxes or do you need to borrow some bins from the pantry?
  4. Where on campus will you be holding your drive?
  5. How will you let people know about your drive?
  6. Who will deliver the food to the pantry and how will they accomplish this? 

How to Organize a Food Drive 

  1. Plan Ahead
    1. Select a coordinator or committee
    2. Determine your drive's length
    3. Contact the FGCU Campus Food Pantry to let us know your plans
  2. Basics to consider
    1. Determine the number of pounds you wish to collect
    2. Promote your Drive
      1. Follow the proper FGCU guidelines to receive approval to advertise and hold your food drive on campus
      2. Two weeks before your drive, hang posters, pass out flyers, use social media to inform people that you are holding a food drive to benefit the FGCU Campus Food Pantry
      3. List the types of food that are needed as per the CFP web-site
    3. Contact the pantry two weeks prior for plastic bins if needed (have back-up for containers in the event none are available to borrow)
    4. Make it fun and simple to participate
      1. Be creative and use existing resources: any sturdy box can be decorated
      2. Place containers in an approved and convenient high traffic area
    5. Create fun competitions
      1. Create categories - Pasta, "Any Bean but a Green Bean
      2. Themed - Major vs. Major, Department vs. Department
  3. Celebrate your success and deliver donations to the Campus Food Pantry