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FGCU Campus Food Pantry

FGCU Campus Food Pantry

Food Drive Registration


Thank you for your interest in coordinating a canned food drive! 

We need some information from you so we can help make your food drive as successful as possible. Please click on the registration form and answer all the questions.

After you submit your form, via email to, you will get a confirmation.  Please read “What is a Food Drive” for additional information if you want to start planning right away.

A few notes and considerations for holding food drives:

  1. You need to follow University guidelines for posting of flyers, tabling, and holding events.  Submit University approval forms to CFP staff.
  2. Do not hold food drives on campus grass or lawns.
  3. In order to hold a food drive, supported by the Campus Food Pantry, the drive must be held on campus and acknowledged in advance of the actual drive.
  4. The Campus Food Pantry Logo and printed materials can only be used with prior permission from CFP staff.  Contact us for official logo.
  5. Please ensure that any food collected is non-perishable, un-opened and commercially packaged.  GLASS containers are discouraged.
  6. If you use donation bins or barrels, belonging to the CFP, you will be responsible for picking them up, signing for them, and returning all containers in a timely fashion at the end of your food drive.
  7. For larger donations of 1,000 lbs. or more, we MIGHT be able to arrange for pick up if scheduled at least a week in advance.  We cannot navigate steps or grass to pick-up food.
  8. Food deliveries should be made a half hour before the pantry opens for clients so as not to interfere with the operation of the pantry.   Check web-site for current hours.
  9. This is not a comprehensive list and is not meant to answer all of your questions or concerns.  Please contact the Campus Food Pantry at 239-745-FOOD (3663) or if you have questions or need clarification of the above information or registration form found on our web-site.