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Investment Philosophy

The Finance Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining and enhancing the Foundation's investments. The primary investment objective of the Finance Committee is the protection and preservation of the assets, while the secondary objective is the long term growth. As a result, the investment managers shall seek the highest possible return consistent with a prudent regard for legal considerations, fiduciary responsibility, and safety of capital.

Additional information regarding investment managers, asset allocation, disbursement policies, and administrative fees can be obtained by contacting Gerard Carrington, Assistant Vice President at 239-590-1073 or by e-mail at

Frequently Asked Questions

[ open ]
What is the overhead charged by the institution against endowed funds?

Currently 1.5%.

[ open ]
What is the institution's investment policy statement's allocation? How much in equity, bonds, etc?

Our target is 60% Global Equities, 25% Fixed Income, and 15% Alternative Strategies.

[ open ]
Who is the investment Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)?

CapTrust Advisors, LLC

[ open ]
What is the endowment's spending policy?

The endowment's spending policy is reviewed annually. The current endowment spending policy is 4.0% of the three year rolling average of the market value of the fund on December 31st.

[ open ]
Regarding spending, the Foundation disburses funds using a three year rolling average. For a new fund, is the first year distribution the full 4.0% or is it only 1/3 of 4.0%?

It is a three year rolling average, but we are averaging the balance of the fund, not the 4.0%. The first year would be 4.0% of the market value on the specified date of the previous year (December 31st) provided the fund has the net earnings for the distribution on December 31st.