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FGCU Foundation

FGCU Foundation

Why I Give


Faculty and Staff Testimonials

Why I give back to FGCU ...

“I was the first in my family to graduate college, thanks to people who believed in me:  my family and donors who provided scholarships that helped me achieve my dream of a college education. I thankfully give to the Greater University Fund as well as the First Generation Matching Scholarship Fund so that opportunities are available to our students to grow and achieve their dreams.”~Renee Garcia, Office of the Controller~  

“I give because it allows me to support what I care about: service-learning and FGCU. When I contribute to my program, I am supporting the work I believe in.”~Jessica Rhea, Center for Civic Engagement and Service Learning~

“I think higher education is very important in today’s world. Therefore, I will do what I can to help the students pursue their goal of earning a degree.” ~Starr Bannworth, Admissions~

“FGCU is not only a workplace but a community. From my perspective, it is important to contribute to our University's academic environment through the Funds for Excellence Campaign, making it a great opportunity for our faculty and staff to help make FGCU even a better place to teach and work. “
~Mario Bernardo, Library Services~

“I believe that education is the foundation for having a good life. I know that I have gained so much in life by being a first generation college graduate. I see how much my children are achieving by having a higher education degree. By contributing to the Funds for Excellence annual giving campaign, I feel that I am giving back to the community and assisting those who work so hard to advance education so that others may enjoy the rewards of having a good life.”
~Susan Cameron, Student Affairs~

“April and I endowed a scholarship at FGCU because we love the University. It is exciting to witness a University develop into what it has in such a short timespan and we wanted to invest to ensure continued success.”
~Shawn Felton, College of Health Professions & Social Work~

“I'd only been on the job at FGCU for three days when I was asked to contribute to the Funds for Excellence. I was happy to give, however, because I believe in the University's mission to meet community needs and train tomorrow's leaders. There's no way to do that without money. As a long-time resident of the region, I know what it was like to live here before there was a University. FGCU has enriched the quality of life here in so many ways. Supporting that effort is an honor.”
~Karen Feldman, Community Relations and Marketing~

“I give because it is a means and an opportunity to do good. Giving to the Physical Plant Scholarship Fund is an ideal gift -- in both big and small ways — that encourages students to be thoughtful and active participants and to live out their dream of going to college.”
~Troy Kelly, Physical Plant~

“I have been employed at Florida Gulf Coast University for about five years. We have seen it grow very quickly in to a reputable university. I am very proud to be a part of its growth. With the small contributions I have made, I feel that they have been used to support a worthwhile cause and I plan to continue to do my part in the growth and development of this great institution.”
~Norm Melious, University Housing~

“I have three alma maters with endowments and heritages. FGCU is my adopted fourth. Some give of their time, others give money. I try to do both to support our students as today decides tomorrow.”
~Ludmilla Wells, Lutgert College of Business~

“FGCU is a great place to work and my experience here has been very rewarding. It is gratifying to see and be part of all the wonderful things that the University does. Working here and just doing your job is reward enough however, it takes more than that to accomplish great things and that is where giving back to the University becomes so important. FGCU accomplishes so much more when we all pull together and contribute. No such thing as too little effort or too little contribution.”
~R. Marc Laviolette, Admissions~
“After witnessing our daughter’s wonderful experience at FGCU, we decided to create a scholarship so other students could have the same opportunity.”
~Gary and Jennifer Baker, Gary and Jennifer Baker Endowed Scholarship Fund~
“We are extremely blessed to be members of the FGCU Family.  In turn, we are proud to give back to the Green & Blue in our collective efforts to reinvest into an institution and community that benefits us personally, as well enhances all of Southwest Florida.”
~Ken & Mary Kavanagh, Athletics~
“Most charitable giving is done because one believes in a mission, idea or outcome, usually without an operational understanding of the charity.   As an FGCU employee, we not only experience the joy of seeing the FGCU Effect changing lives, we have a daily opportunity to influence how our decisions, standards and interactions make individuals and our community stronger.  Now more than ever, giving a few of our dollars simply underscores what our time, hearts and efforts communicate clearly each day at work.  Together we can grow, transform, and improve despite the odds… just like the past twenty years.”
~Ruth Rodrigues, Director, Campus Reservations and Records Management~