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General Education Program

General Education Program

Program Assessment


The 2015-2020 General Education Assessment Plan

During the 2014-2015 academic year, in concert with faculty and staff, the Director of General Education and faculty representatives on FGCU's Competency Assessment Advisory Team (see below) and General Education Council developed the 2015-2020 General Education Program Assessment Plan. Over the course of five years, student attainment of each General Education Competency will be assessed twice, with a focus on campus-wide efforts to act on assessment results in ways that lead to FGCU's demonstration of student progress.  The 2015-2020 General Education Assessment Plan is available for download below, along with an updated list of General Education Competencies:

2015-2020 Assessment Reports

Competency Assessment Advisory Team (CAAT) 

Member General Education Subject Area Term Ends
Farshad Aminian-Tankei Humanities 2019
Sheila Bolduc-Simpson Composition 2020
Anne-Marie Bouché (ex-officio, voting) (General Education Council Chair) ---
Greg Boyce Natural Sciences 2019
Anna Carlin (Library) 2019
Holly Fitch (Academic Advising) 2019
Tanya Huffman Mathematics 2020
Nairruti Jani Social Sciences 2019
Eric Otto (ex-officio, non-voting) (Director of General Education) ---
Daniel Paull Natural Sciences 2020
Kristine Tullo Humanities 2019
Jingshun Zhang Mathematics 2020