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General Education Program

General Education Program

Mission and Purpose



Rooted in the tradition of liberal arts education, FGCU’s General Education Program provides students with opportunities to cultivate the intellectual curiosity, knowledge, and skills necessary for academic success, engaged citizenship, and lifelong learning. 


FGCU’s General Education Program (GEP) orients students to college-level expectations and experiences, and helps them to attain:

  • Knowledge in multiple disciplines

The GEP offers courses in communication, mathematics, the arts and humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences to acquaint students with an array of subject areas and disciplinary methods.

  • Intellectual and practical skills

The GEP emphasizes critical thinking, effective communication, and quantitative reasoning to develop students’ academic, career, and life skills.

  • Intercultural knowledge

The GEP encourages students to engage with local and global communities in responsible and creative ways, allowing them to realize their impact on diverse and interconnected social worlds.

Mission and Purpose approved by the General Education Council, December 6th, 2013.