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Human Resources

Human Resources



FLSA Changes 2016 

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On November 22nd, a U.S. District Judge issued a temporary injunction suspending the Department of Labor’s new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulation. Pending further action, the December 1st implementation date has been postponed. As a result of this court action, it is uncertain how the FLSA’s overtime pay exemptions will be addressed under the new rules, or if the new rules would still be in effect.

The University Administration will continue to evaluate this matter and provide updates as they become available. If you have any questions, please contact our Human Resources Department at (239) 590-1400. We thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

- Updated December 7, 2016

Overtime Changes on the Horizon

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Department of Labor (DOL) Announcement

The US Department of Labor released rule changes on May 18, 2016 that will have an impact on who in our FGCU workforce receives overtime and who does not.

The DOL announced the publication of their final rule updating the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) overtime regulations. The updated regulations increase the minimum salary required before an employee can be classified as exempt from overtime pay under the "white collar" exemptions, from $23,660 ($455 per week) to $47,476 ($913 per week). They also provide for automatic updating of the minimum salary threshold for this exemption every three years.

 Key Compliance Effective Dates

  • Reclassification Effective Date /New Pay Period Begins    November 20, 2016
  • First Pay Period End Date under New Classification         December 3, 2016
  • First Pay Check Date under New Classification               December 9, 2016

FGCU held specific meetings with those directly impacted:

  • Directly Impacted Staff - Tues  11/15  2:00 PM, Sugden Hall, Room 110, Wednesday, 11/16  8:30 AM, Sugden Hall, Room 110
  • Deans, Chairs, Directors, and Managers: Wed 11/16  9:45 AM, Sugden Hall, Room 110
  • Academic Advisors: Wed 11/16  12:00 PM, Edwards Hall, Room 112

An Additional information sessions were held:

  • CC213 on 11/22 from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm



What it means to FGCU

• We anticipate only a small percentage (less than 15%) of FGCU’s fulltime employees being affected by this ruling.
• FGCU employees already in nonexempt status (overtime eligible, support staff) will not be affected.
• FGCU faculty will not be affected.

Currently the Office of Human Resources is working to make sure we fully comply with the new ruling. Along with University leadership and affected Departments, we will be evaluating the ruling’s impact. In developing the best approaches for complying with the changes, we will also be taking into consideration the uniqueness of higher education work tasks, work schedules and levels of accountability.

Additional Resources:

FLSA – An Overview

  • Learn more about the Fair Labor Standards Act here.



  • Review the current list of FAQs for more upcoming FLSA changes.



If additional information, resources and training materials become available, they will be posted to this website.  

Last Update:  Nov. 23, 2016.