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Human Resources

Human Resources

New Employee Orientation (NEO)


Welcome to Florida Gulf Coast University!

Employment New Hire Process Steps:

  1. New Employee Orientation (NEO) and Employment Application: 
    • For Faculty & Staff:
      • Your Neo session information is located within the email with your offer letter 
      • As directed in the email (with your offer letter), please complete the Faculty, A&P or SP New Hire Packet 
              • Print this paperwork single-sided - and complete using black/blue INK.
    • For OPS and Student employees:  
      • Supervisors must: Fill out the New Hire background Check Verification form.
      • This form is required by OPS and Student Employees to participate in a NEO session (see below). At this time, it is not required to be completed for Adjuncts.  The supervisor will need to download, complete, and give the verification form to the employee prior to the session.  
      • Provide the employee the following information:
        • Where to obtain the current version of the New Employee Orientation (NEO) packets (be careful not to distribute obsolete versions).  This will need to be completed by the employee and processed by HR Records team in order to be placed on payroll. Please select one of the following based upon your employment type: 
        • Reinforce that there is Required Documentation needed at NEO: A critical component of NEO is the completion of the I-9 Form
          • Instructions for Form I-9 Employees should look for and review the required support documentation.
          • Completion of the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (BCIS, formerly INS) I-9 Form is required to verify the identity and employment eligibility of anyone hired by the University.  According to BCIS requirements, all new employees must complete the I-9 Form before they start to work. 


  2.  Employees have to signup for and attend New Employee Orientation (NEO):  

    • Sign Up & Attend a New Employee Orientation session for OPS/ Students / Adjuncts:  
      • The student or OPS employee will need to bring their completed paperwork, support documentation required, to their scheduled NEO appointment.  Please do NOT send anyone without an appointment!
      • Unfortunately, our conference room only holds so many people. Any student or OPS worker without an appointment will be directed to schedule an appointment for a future date with open seats.
      • Once the NEO session is completed, the HR Records team will provide the employee a form to take back to the hiring manager, indicating their clearance to work, or whether information is required.
      • Reminder: In order for FGCU to be in compliance with federal and state laws, if the employee has not completed the paperwork that is part of the NEO session and the fingerprinting/background check, the student or OPS worker has not been cleared and cannot start work. 
      • REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION to bring to session: Bring Original items, not copies:  
      • either one from List A  - OR -  one from List B and one from List C to your NEO session


Additional Resource from US Customs and Immigration Service:
      Instructions for Form I-9 (PDF, 565 KB) 

 If you have any questions contact Human Resources at (239) 590-1400 or email