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Human Resources

Human Resources

Workers' Comp


What to Do if an Injury Occurs

In a medical emergency, go to the nearest medical facility. If the injury is minor, report to your supervisor so that the injury can be documented. Receive necessary first aid at job site if available.

              * TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE     
              * TO REPORT A CLAIM, CALL OUR WORKERS' COMPENSATION CARRIER - AmeriSys (800) 455-2079

Reporting an on the Job Injury or Illness to AmeriSys

In the event of a job related injury or illness, AmeriSys staff will assist the injured employee in receiving prompt, quality and medically necessary care as well as maintaining the employee in an active work status, either in modified or transitional duty.

What happens in the first 2-4 hours following a work-related accident, will determine overall success in both human (medical outcomes) and financial (claims cost) terms. 

AmeriSys provides 24/7/365 claim reporting through our Triage Unit. The role of the triage nurse is a key component of AmeriSys’ unique and proactive claim management program.  At the time the claim is reported, the triage nurse will orient the employee to the workers’ compensation system, demonstrate concern regarding the injured employee’s well being, determine the level of medical care required and make the necessary medical referral. After the employee is directed for medical care, the claim will be assigned to the nurse case manager and adjuster team who will manage the claim to conclusion.

**Please note: when calling Amerisys, please have the following information or a claim number cannot be issued for treatment:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Telephone Number

  • Employee Social Security Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Date of Hire

  • Rate of Pay

  • Hours worked/scheduled per week

  • Location Code (0195)

Once you have filed your claim with AmeriSys, you must then report the injury to the University Environmental Health & Safety Department at 239-590-1126.


What are the employer’s responsibilities, and what can be expected following an on the job injury or illness?

  • In the case of a medical emergency, call 911 and then immediately contact AmeriSys at 800-455-2079 to report the claim.

  • If the injury is not an emergency, the supervisor should immediately report the claim to AmeriSys. Whenever possible, please have the injured employee present with the supervisor when the claim is reported. The triage nurse will then be better able to assess medical needs and arrange for immediate medical treatment.

  • Once AmeriSys has taken care of the injured employee, the intake specialist will then collect the Florida First Report of Injury claim information.  Upon completion of the initial tasks: 1. assessing the employee's medical needs and; 2. directing and facilitating the medical treatment.

  • The triage nurse will immediately transfer the case to the nurse case manager and adjuster team for continued handling.

  • The telephonic nurse case manager, following the clinician visit, will obtain the results of the initial medical encounter including diagnosis, treatment plan and any injury related restrictions. This information will be provided to the supervisor immediately after the clinician visit in order to support our stay at work strategy.  Injured workers are generally instructed to return to work immediately following each visit.  Please be prepared to speak with and collaborate with the telephonic nurse case manager regarding stay at work/return to work matters, such as transitional duty.

Additional Information:

AmeriSys billing address (in case an employee receives a balance bill from a provider):

P. O. Box 160729
Altomonte Springs, FL 32716-0729