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Benefits of Honors

The Honors College supports students and prepares them for future professional, personal, and academic success through a wide array of experiences and opportunities. We invite you to read below for more details about the benefits of being an Honors student at FGCU!

Priority Registration

Honors students in good standing are granted priority registration to ensure ease of course registration. Typically, FGCU students’ registration date is determined by the number of credit hours he or she has completed, allowing students closer to graduation to register before students farther from graduation. However, Honors students in good standing are allowed to register on the same date as Seniors with earned credit hours of 110 and above. Full details and registration dates can be found on the Registrar’s website here:

Honors BenefitsHonors Classes

One of the distinctive features of an Honors education at the collegiate level is hands-on, student-driven learning inside and outside the classroom. Honors classes at FGCU are taught by dedicated faculty and average approximately 20 students per class, allowing for engaging discussions, experiential learning activities, and critical thinking opportunities that are not feasible in larger, mainstream courses. For a current Honors course listing, you can view FGCU’s Course Schedule here: and filter for “Honors” under the Department drop-down menu.

Honors Housing  

Two on-campus Honors housing options provide students the opportunity to live with like-minded peers while being engaged in all that FGCU has to offer. Living in Honors Housing is not mandatory and students may change or renew their housing preferences each year.

First Time in College Housing – South Village

There is no better way for first-year students to quickly meet other Honors students and get involved in all the Honors College has to offer than by electing to live on campus and participate in our Honors Live-Learn Community (LLC). The Honors LLC is located on the 5th floor of Palmetto Hall in FGCU’s South Village, or SoVi. During their first semester, Honors LLC residents participate in a one hour per week course taught by Honors faculty that explores in-depth the Five Pillars of Honors that the FGCU Honors College is founded upon. More information on South Village can be found here:

Upperclassmen Housing – North Lake Village

Honors Housing for students who are not First Time in College is located in FGCU’s North Lake Village in close proximity to Eagle’s Landing and the lakefront picnic and recreation area, and is directly on the waterfront. The Honors Building is a 96-bed, apartment-style residential building. Students living in The Honors Building have their own private bedrooms and extensive amenities. More details about North Lake Village can be found here:

Honors Grants and Funding Opportunities

Honors College students can apply for funding to support enriching activities related to completing the Honors curriculum.  Funding is not guaranteed, but students may write competitive grants for funds to engage in study abroad courses, undergraduate research, participate in academic conferences, and conduct substantial service learning projects.  Details can be found on the Honors Grants page here.

Honors Development Grant

The Honors Development Grant (HDG) is available to current students each semester to help fund students’ academic activities and research. HDGs can fund up to $1,500 per activity per semester, and can fund activities such as purchasing materials needed for a research project; traveling to present research at a local, state, or national conference; or participating in a study-away or study-abroad program.

Other FGCU Scholarships

Many incoming First-Time-in-College Honors students are eligible for FGCU’s Admissions Merit Scholarships when they apply for admission to the university before November 15th of the preceding academic year. Admissions Merit Scholarships can fund qualifying students up to $5,000 per year for up to four years. Full details on these scholarships and other opportunities for Freshmen can be found here:

Additionally, current and prospective Honors students are encouraged to apply for FGCU’s Foundation Scholarship, which is available online between November 15th and March 1st for the following academic year. Details on the FGCU Foundation Scholarship and other internal and external scholarship opportunities can be found on the Office of Financial Aid’s website here:  

Honors Mentor Program

Incoming Honors students have the added benefit of a peer mentor to see them through their first year in the Honors College. Honors Mentors are highly-trained and experienced Honors students who meet with new students and help students navigate FGCU and the Honors College.

Honors BenefitsHonors Study Away and Abroad Programs

Each year, the Honors College sponsors study away and/or study abroad programs exclusively for Honors students. The Honors College subsidizes student participation in these programs, making them particularly affordable. Past study away/ study abroad locations include South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago; Washington, D.C.; Singapore; Ghana; and Costa Rica.

Honors Academic Advising

Honors students receive academic advising through the Office of Undergraduate Studies Advising. UGS Advising supports Honors students as their first-year advisor when students join as First-Time-in-College students. UGS Advising also supports students throughout the remainder of their time at FGCU with any Honors-related advising. View more information on advising here.

Honors Service Opportunities

Service and Community Engagement is a Pillar of Honors as well as one of the guiding principles of FGCU, and we value integrating service and leadership opportunities for Honors students. Honors students can participate in unique service opportunities such as the Honors “Service Lab” courses: Freedom to Serve, Fit to Serve, and Lead to Serve which allow students to develop their own service projects which have meaningful impact on our community. Honors students also can participate in the Honors Alternative Service Weekend, which allows students to serve the community during an extended weekend service event.

Honors Events and Programming

To foster community within Honors and encourage student engagement on campus, the Honors College hosts a variety of “Signature” events exclusively for Honors students each semester and promotes “Honors-Designated” events in partnership with other departments and organizations on campus. Between 4-5 Signature Honors events and approximately 50 Honors-Designated events occur each semester. Events vary from educational symposiums and academic lectures to social gatherings, intramural activities, and service opportunities. Click here to view more details and the updated calendar of events.