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Honors Fellows

An Honors Faculty Fellow is a scholar who exemplifies the Pillars of Honors through their teaching, service, and leadership.

Honors Fellows are full-time, in-unit FGCU faculty members who teach the equivalent of six credits for the Honors College per academic year as part of their assigned annual teaching duties.  This is typically one three-hour course in the Fall and Spring semesters.  New Honors Fellows do not teach for the Honors College during their first semester as a Fellow.  Fellows are appointed for a three-year term.


The Honors Faculty Fellows program is a professional development opportunity for faculty that integrates them into the life of the Honors College for a sustained period.

Honors student in Chemistry Class

  Not only do Honors Fellows bring diverse expertise and ideas to Honors classes and activities, they also integrate ideas and skills gained through the Fellows program into their professional lives during and after their term of service.      


In addition to teaching six-hours of Honors credit per academic year as part of their assigned teaching duties, Honors Faculty Fellows contribute to vital aspects of the Honors College through participating in such activities as: New Student Orientation; student mentoring and undergraduate research; the Honors Graduation Celebration; Honors Thesis committees; recruiting events; Lucas Center events related to Honors; research presentations to the Honors community; brown-bag lunches with students; and student Honors Events.

Eligibility and Application Process:

  • Only full-time, in-unit FGCU faculty are eligible to apply.

  • Faculty may not take a professional sabbatical while serving as a Faculty Fellow.

  • Faculty wishing to serve as an Honors Faculty Fellow should submit the application that can be accessed here: 

    2018 Honors Fellow Application

  • The applicant’s department head and dean must endorse the Fellow application.  Applications that do not have both endorsements by the deadline will not be considered.

  • Applications that are not received by the deadlines below will not be considered.

  • March 1, 2018 at 5:00 PM:  applications are due to the faculty’s respective College Dean’s office.

  • March 15, 2018 at 5:00 PM:  endorsed applications are due to the Honors College Office.

  • Honors Executive Board will review applications according to the criteria below.

  • Honors Faculty Fellows will be selected and all applicants notified prior to the conclusion of the Spring semester.  The new Faculty Fellows will be introduced at the Spring Honors Graduation Celebration. Fellows selected during the 2018 application cycle will serve from Fall 2018 through Spring 2021.


Criteria for Selection:

The Honors Executive Board will select Honors Faculty Fellows based on the following criteria:

  • Experience with high-impact learning practices, such as undergraduate research, service learning, study abroad, live-learn communities, and the like.

  • Professional strengths related to some of the Pillars of Honors.

  • Prior experience with the Honors College.

  • Experience mentoring undergraduates.

  • Quality of courses proposed to be taught as a Fellow.

  • Clearly articulates reasons for wanting to be a Fellow.

  • The Honors College’s curricular need to offer Honors courses in the applicant’s discipline.

  • If all other qualifications are generally equivalent, applicants who have never served as a Faculty Fellow will be given priority over those who have previously served as a Faculty Fellow. 


Current Honors Faculty Fellows:

Dr. Phillip Allman, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences.  (Fall 2016—Spring 2019)
Dr. Carolyn Culbertson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy.  (Fall 2016—Spring 2019)
Dr. Katie Johnson, Assistant Professor of Mathematics.  (Fall 2016—Spring 2019)
Dr. Jan-Martijn Meij, Assistant Professor of Sociology.  (Fall 2016—Spring 2019)
Dr. Takashi Ueda, Associate Professor and Program Leader BS Biotechnology.  (Fall 2017—Spring 2020)
Dr. Elizabeth Bouldin, Assistant Professir, European History.  (Fall 2017—Spring 2020) 
Dr. Mushfiq Swaleheen, Associate Professor of Economics.  (Fall 2017—Spring 2020)