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Honors Events

Honors Events are an important component of our experience-based learning philosophy. They are an opportunity for Honors students to experience diverse opportunities at FGCU, engage in and lead activities exemplifying the Pillars of Honors, and build community with fellow Honors students as well as the greater FGCU community. Each Fall and Spring Semester, Honors students are required to earn a total of four Honors Event credits, and can choose from the over 50 academic, social, service, and cultural events that take place throughout each semester. Read below for information on the ways Honors students can earn event credits.

>> Check your Honors Event attendance totals on the Event Attendance Lookup page!

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Types of Honors Events:

  • Signature Honors Events- These Honors Events are organized by the Honors Senate Social Committee, and there are typically 4-5 each semester. They are primarily social in nature and serve to build our community and provide an opportinity for Honors students to network with Honors peers. Signature Honors Events count as two event credits each.

  • Honors-Designated Events- These events may be hosted by registered student organizations, FGCU departments or colleges, or other campus partners. Honors students may apply to have an event they are affiliated with or aware of be designated Honors by submitting the Honors Event Proposal Form. FGCU Faculty or Staff members may request an event they are affiliated with be designated Honors by emailing Honors-Designated Events count as one event credit each.

  • Service-to-Honors- Honors students may also earn up to two event credits each semester by completing service to the Honors College. Frequently, Honors students are called upon to volunteer at our events and activities or to participate in service to our community. Completing two hours of service-to-Honors equals one Honors Event credit.