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Honors Mentors



Honors mentors


Welcome to the Honors Mentor Program!

The FGCU Honors Mentor Program is a pivotal component of the first-year Honors student experience and a highlight of the FGCU Honors College!

Having an Honors Mentor allows new Honors students an expedited transition to our Honors College and FGCU community overall.  Throughout their first year, students will partner with high achieving, upperclassmen Honors students.   Mentors and mentees will meet and grow in friendship, help, understanding, wisdom, and confidence.  By building a mentoring relationship, students are increasing communication, enhancing personal growth, and building goals and skills for the future!  As mentoring expert, Dr. Norman Cohen explains, mentoring is learning!

The mentoring experience begins at the Honors College First-Year Orientation, which takes place within the first week of classes.  First-year Honors students get to choose a mentor who will serve as a guide throughout their entire first year at FGCU.  Mentors’ main roles are to meet with students and answer any questions new students may have by providing a wealth of information and resources.

The Honors Mentor Program is designed to be mutually beneficial for Mentors and Mentees.   Previous students report:

  • “I can't express enough how grateful I am that she is my mentor.  Her success motivates me to take advantage of the new opportunities available at FGCU, and her supportive nature and genuine personality positively reinforce the chances that I have taken at FGCU thus far”

  • “My mentor positively impacted my experience at FGCU and the Honors program. She made me more comfortable with the rigors and independence of college life (the adjustment) and also helped me with time management skills. She also has encouraged me to go to Honors Events and make new friends.”

  • “I continue to benefit incredibly from the mentoring program. Not only my mentees learn from me, but I learn from them all the time. I learn about myself and my abilities as a student leader.

First-year students should look forward to the Honors Mentor Program and Orientation!

Please feel free to contact the Honors Office or Ms. Catherine Gorman with any questions.

Catherine Gorman, M.A.
Honors Mentor Program Leader
Mentoring and Special Programs Coordinator,
Office of Undergraduate Studies
Florida Gulf Coast University