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Housing and Residence Life - Current Residents

Housing and Residence Life - Current Residents

Civility Project


Residential Civility Statement

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As residential students of Florida Gulf Coast University, we are committed to a community where civility, integrity, and respect are integral components of the living and learning experience.  As members of this community we aim to:

  • Show respect, concern, and compassion for our neighbors
  • Soar high above adversity, prejudice, and discrimination
  • Hold each other accountable to community standards
  • Challenge ourselves to be better citizens
  • Take pride in our community

Join the Movement
We encourage each resident to reflect on his/her role in ensuring civility has a place in the FGCU residential community.  If you are committed to the statement above, please click the "Join the Movement" button 



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About the Project

Living on campus means you will interact and participate in a large and diverse community. This comes with a sense of responsibility to treat others in a civil and inclusive manner. Together, we all define the experiences we will have while living on our campus. We ask that you dedicate yourself to treat others with respect, be polite, courteous and supportive of the differences you may find in other people. As a community, we reject behavior that is aimed at discriminating, degrading or hurting other people. Together, we can create a community that is civil and allows all of us to learn from one another. If we all do this, it will make living on campus an even more rewarding experience. We encourage you to participate in this movement.

To find out more about the DC Project, send an email to

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Events and Programs

Civility Events
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Upcoming Events

Join the Movement
Date: Ongoing
Time: Ongoing
Location: Project Civility Website
Join the Movement by visiting the Project Civility website and clicking the counter. By joining the movement you agree to do your best to live by the Residential Civility Statement making the FGCU community better.

Random Acts of Civility
Date: Ongoing
Time: Ongoing
Location: Project Civility Website
Have you seen someone preforming an act of Civility? If so, nominate them to receive a prize for their Act of Civility.

Past Events

Hey Day!
Date: March 24, 2014
Time: Ongoing
Location: All around Campus (beginning in Residence Halls/Area Front Desks)
On HEY DAY! we encourage our residential students to find another student, staff or faculty member on campus and just say HEY! Together, let us set the standard for what an open, inclusive and welcoming community looks like. Just say "HEY!" and make someone's day! To participate, go to the front desk of your building/area and get a name tag and free giveaway.

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Poster Campaign

If not you, then who?

Civility Community Discrimination  
Integrity Neighbor Prejudice  
Respect Unity    
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Civility & Diversity Resources

University Resources: DC Project Logo

Contact the DC Project

Multicultural Student Services                               

Office of Equity and Diversity 

Additional Resources:

Civility Quotes

Diversity in Academe 2013

Diversity in Higher Education News

Equity Florida (LGBT)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI and National Hate Crimes)

National Civility Center

Online Sunshine (2013 Florida Hate Crime Statues/Reporting)

TedTalk on Diversity

Acts of Civility

Have you seen an act of civility on FGCU's campus? If so, nominate them for a prize by completing the following form.