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Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

After You Arrive

  • Your RA & Neighbors
  • Roommates
  • Meetings
  • Welcome Events
  • Getting Involved
  • RHA


Meet your RA
Resident Assistants are specially selected and trained upperclassmen who live on your floor or in your building. The role of the RA is to Meet your RAbe a community facilitator for the students living on campus at FGCU. RAs do this through answering your many questions about housing or the University, spending time getting to know you and your interests and by offering planned events and activities that are both fun and educational. The RA has information to help solve your housing problems, knows what resources are available to you, and has experience with the academic system here at FGCU. The RAs are also responsible for administering and enforcing housing and university policies. If you have any situations or questions, feel free to contact your RA.

Your RA will be around during move-in and will probably stop by to meet you. Get to know your RA so that you are familiar with the person who can help you in your transition to living on campus. You will also see your RA at your first floor or building meeting.

Meet Your Neighbors
Meet your NeighborsThe first week or two after move-in is the best time to meet your neighbors on your floor, in your building or in your community. You may not be coming to FGCU with a huge group of friends and you are probably looking forward to making new friends and meeting new people.

Remember that there are many other people looking to meet their neighbors, so don't be shy in introducing yourself to the people around you. It may be more comfortable to stay in your room and talk with your friends from back home on your cell phone but it is really important to get out of your room and make friends and get to know those around you.



Roommate Relationships
A roommate relationship, like any other relationship, takes WORK! Like most things in life, you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

Remember the following tips in building a relationship with your roommate:

Take a personal interest in your roommate's well-being.
Strive to understand and develop respect for your roommate.
Look for ways to help your roommate.
Talk about small irritations and frustrations before they become problems.
Focusing on the good things about your roommate, not the negative.
Develop and communicate realistic expectations for each other to avoid unneeded pressure and stress.

Work Out Problems Together
Irritations and frustrations can quickly become bigger problems if you fail to resolve them. Communicate with your roommate openly, honestly, respectfully, and frequently.

Your Resident Assistant and Resident Director can help you resolve differences with your roommate:

Complete the Roommate Agreement with your Resident Assistant. This will enable you to be proactive and openly discuss issues such as neatness, noise, visitors, study habits & sharing.
If you find that you are having difficulty communicating or are struggling with relationship issues, please speak with your Resident Assistant or Resident Director. 

Room Transfers
Room transfers are not granted during the first two weeks of each semester.  Students may submit a transfer request at any time, but  transfers will not be granted until the second week of the semester.

You must first speak with your RA or Resident Director before requesting a room transfer. It is the responsibility of the student who initiates the room change to inform his/her roommate that she/he would like to move. No room changes will be approved until this occurs.

Your RA will host a building or floor meeting soon after you arrive. ALL floor/building meetings will take place at 7:00 pm on the first Sunday of move-in weekend. At the meeting you will cover policies and procedures and will also have the opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Make sure you attend this meeting as it is mandatory and a lot of important information will be covered.

Welcome to Everglades      


Check the bulletin boards in your building for more info on events

There are many ways to start getting involved in life on campus. You will see advertisements up around your hall or building for meetings, events and activities. Go to some of the ones that catch your eye. The first couple weeks of school are the best time to get involved as most clubs and organizations are recruiting new members and hosting welcome events.

   Comfy Cocoa FYRE FridayStudents on a water slide

                                        Open Mic Night

Join the Residence Life Program

The Residence Life program is designed to provide residents an environment to grow and learn in many ways. Living in the residence halls offers residents an opportunity to:

  • meet and live with people from different backgrounds.
  • make new friends.
  • learn things about oneself and about others that can't be learned in a classroom.
  • grow personally and further develop individual unique goals and values.
  • develop one's own lifestyle.

By living in the residence halls, students get not only a place to sleep, but a wonderful experience of learning and having fun. Our Residence Life Staff works hard to make sure students are getting the most out of their college experience.

Become a Resident Assistant

 RA Staff 2011-2012

At FGCU the Resident Assistant (RA) position is one of leadership and service. RAs are full time students who are carefully selected and trained as leaders, role models, and referral providers. RAs are in every residence hall. They develop a positive rapport with residents in order to create and maintain a friendly community that promotes a cooperative environment conductive to learning and respect. RAs encourage residents to act with reason, to take responsibility for their actions, and to respect the rights and freedoms of others.

RAs assist in the personal development of students, provide programs for community building, and respond to emergencies in their hall. The many experiences gained from the position are invaluable. Students interested in becoming an RA should see their RA or RD.   Please continue to check the Office of Housing and Residence Life home page for when applications maybe available.

Join the Resident Housing Association (RHA)

The RHA is student oriented, with its primary focus being the continued development and support of a community in which each student is given the opportunity to pursue his/her own personal development and goals. RHA works closely with the Residence Life Staff in defining issues and concerns of resident students.

Participation in the RHA is an excellent way to take an active interest in making your on-campus community the best it can be and obtain leadership experience.

Weekly meetings are held in Eagles' Landing.  Any resident is welcome to participate during the year. The RHA has an executive board consists of a president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary.

For more info check out the RHA web site.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) is an honor society that exclusively recognizes leaders in the residence halls and is comprised of the top 1% of students living on-campus. Students interested in becoming a part of NRHH can speak to their RA, Resident Director or any member of NRHH.

Participation in the Resident Housing Association (RHA) is an excellent way to become involved in the residence halls, and also provides another avenue to obtain leadership experience. Students who become involved with RHA take an active interest and responsibility for making life on campus the best it can be. Area Councils, a subdivision of the Resident Housing Association, provides opportunities for students to get involved in a variety of leadership positions within their residence hall. There are four executive board positions in each area (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and floor/wing delegates. All positions are elected at the beginning of the Fall semester and are held for the entire academic year. RHA is known for its social events that take place continuously throughout the academic year - everything from movie nights to pizza parties to the always popular RHA Luau.

RHA meetings are held on a weekly basis; all residents are encouraged to attend and participate.

  RHA 2011