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Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

Before You Arrive

  • Bring This?
  • Room
  • Payments
  • Parking
  • Postal
  • Insurance
  • Dining
  • Emergencies

We urge you to pack conservatively. Don’t try to bring everything you own! Remember, you have to find a place in your room for everything you bring. If you live close to FGCU or know that you will be going home in the near future, you can pick-up additional items then.


 What to Bring

 What Not to Bring

  • Pillow and pillowcases
  • Twin-size sheets (extra-long 39" x 80")
  • Full-size sheets (WLV only)
  • Blankets
  • Towels
  • Comforter or bedspread   
  • Clothes hangers 
  • Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc.)
  • Shower Curtain
  • Alarm Clock
  • Hair dryer
  • Dishes / Silverware (NLV &WLV residents)
  • Glasses (NLV & WLV residents)
  • Cooking utensils (NLV & WLV residents) *
  • Pots & Pans (NLV & WLV residents) *
  • Dish towels (NLV & WLV residents)
  • Laundry basket and laundry detergent
  • Cleaning supplies--cleaning products, toilet bowl brush, broom, dust pan, small vacuum
  • Toilet paper
  • Wastebasket 
  • Backpack
  • Bicycle
  • Bulletin board
  • Calendar/planner
  • Personal computer, printer & cords (Optional--there are a lot of computers on campus if you don't have your own)
  • Ethernet cable
  • TV
  • Stereo/CD player/radio
  • Phone
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk supplies (pens, notebooks, etc.)
  • Dictionary/thesaurus
  • Power Strip
  • Storage bins/crates/etc.
  • Message board for door
  • Photo album/pictures
  • Quarters
  • Small tool kit
  • Stamps/stationery
  • Surge protector
  • Wall decorations/posters

Refrigerator and Microwave Information:

Refrigerators and microwave ovens are permitted in the residence halls with the following conditions.   Refrigerators are restricted to a maximum size of 5 cubic feet (mini-fridge) and microwave ovens are restricted to no more than 1000 watts. Students are allowed to have their own microwave and mini-fridge in their personal bedroom or they may share one in the common area with their roommate.  The common areas in Biscayne, Everglades and Palmetto Halls have one designated outlet for a microwave/mini-fridge combination. The outlet is located in the entry foyer of each suite. We recommend that you speak with your roommate and purchase a microwave and minifridge combination that only requires one plug to operate both appliances. While we do not recommend or endorse one particular brand, information about microfridges .7 cu. ft., 700 watt microwave oven that only require one outlet can be found at or . You can also check your local Walmart, Target, Best Buy, etc.


*Optional for SoVi residents: A community kitchen is available for residents who choose to use it; however, items cannot be stored in the kitchen. Please plan accordingly.

  • candles
  • incense
  • oil lamps
  • drugs or illegal substances
  • weapons
  • fireworks
  • air conditioner
  • household extension cords, multi-plug adapters or splitters
  • halogen lights
  • amplified sound instruments
  • waterbed
  • pets (except fish in tanks, 20 gallon or less)-- NOT EVEN FOR A BRIEF VISIT
  • fish tank larger than 20 gallons
  • flammable liquids
  • large nails, double-sided sticky tape or anything that damages walls
  • Any items that do not fit into your room/apartment--NO university furniture can be removed from the room/apartment, it cannot be stacked, and there is NO storage available on campus
  • Your whole wardrobe


Assignments are sent to your postal mail and email address in early June.  Your roommate's names are included in your assignment letter along with their email address. You can also view this information in our online housing portal at
Roommate requests must be submitted by both or all individuals in writing (either on the housing application, by email to or by updating your application in the online portal at  Only mutual roommate requests are considered at the time of assignment. The Office of Housing & Residence Life makes every attempt to honor roommate requests.  Please keep in mind that demand is high and we often cannot honor all requests.  Please note that rooms and roommate information may change due to cancellations.


Want to know where your room is located on campus?  Check out the maps of North Lake Village, South Village and West Lake Village.

Typical Room Dimensions:

 North Lake Village

 South Village

 West Lake Village

 4 Bedroom Single
Living room: 12' 4" x 11' 9"
Living room window: 9' 1" w x 58" h
Single Bedroom: 12' 2" x 8' 8"
Single Bedroom closet:  4'w x 2'd x 8' h
Bed adjusts up to 33" high
Bedroom window:  35 ½ " w x 58" h

 3 Bedroom Single
Room dimensions – 9’7" x 12’10”
Window dimensions (approx.) - 60" x 66”
Closet dimensions – 5' x 2’
Living/kitchen area - 8'6" x 23'8"

4 Bedroom Single
Living room: 13' x 14”
Living room window: 73" w x 54" h

Dining room: 10’ 8” x 8’
Single Bedroom: 11' 6" x 11' 6"
Single Bedroom closet:  6' x 6'

Bedroom window: 61” x 54”
Single Bathroom: 9’ 6” x 6’

2 Bedroom Quad
Living room: 12' 4" x 11' 9"
Living room window: 9' 1" w x 58" h
Double Bedroom:  13'4" x 9'10"
Double Bedroom closet:  walk-in closet
Bed adjusts up to 33" high
Bedroom window:  35 ½ " w x 58" h

 2 Bedroom Single
Room dimensions – 10’ x 12’6”
Window dimensions - 42” x 60”
Closet dimensions – 4’10” x 2'
Foyer dimensions - 7' x 6'

3 Bedroom Single
Living room: 13' x 14”
Living room window: 73" w x 54" h

Dining room: 10’ 8” x 8’
Single Bedroom: 11' 6" x 11' 6"
Single Bedroom closet:  6' x 6'

Bedroom window: 61” x 54”
Single Bathroom: 9’ 6” x 6’
   1 Bedroom Private
Room dimensions – 10' x 11'6"
Window dimension - 42” x 60”
Closet dimensions – 5'9" x 2'

Room dimensions - 11'2" x 9'9"
Window dimensions - 42" x 60"
Closet dimensions - 4'11" x 2'
Foyer dimensions - 3'8" x 8'6"


Fees can be paid all at once or in four equal installments over the course of the semester.  Fall and Spring rental fees are posted to Gulfline in July and December respectively. Rental fees are broken into 4 installments. Fall installments are due 8/1, 9/1, 10/1 and 11/1. Spring installments are due 1/1, 2/1, 3/1 and 4/1. Students have the option of paying in full or in accordance with the installment due date schedule. Please note, each late installment payment is subject to a $25.00 late fee. Furthermore, a $100.00 late fee will be assessed to all students whose rental fees are not paid in full by the final installment due date.   Financial aid and Florida Pre-Paid funds can be applied to on-campus housing.

Students can check the status of what they owe the University at any time from the financial information under Account Summary on Gulfline.  For details and instructions, visit the FGCU Office of the Bursar Web site. 

NOTE:  Please be aware we do not send bills, invoices or statements.

For more information, please check out the Cost & Payment Options page on our web site.

STUDENTS: How to Register Your Vehicle/Renew Permit:
1.  Log into your Gulfline account at:
2.  Click Student and Financial Aid
3.  Click Parking Services
4.  Click Request a Permit
5.  Select Permit Type and click Continue
Note:  Decals and Permits can be obtained at the Parking Services Division office.

Decals distributed to Student Housing residents must be fully affixed from the inside, mid-way down the driver’s corner of the front windshield.  If it is NOT fully affixed to the windshield you will be cited for improper placement of the permit.  Student decal and permit costs are included in the per credit hour tuition.
Parking Lot

All students who live on campus are assigned a mailbox located in the Commons building in North Lake Village, in the main lobbies of each Residence Hall in South Village and adjacent to the Community Center in West Lake Village. You will receive your mailbox key at move-in.

Correspondence should be addressed as follows:

North Lake Village:
John Doe
1000 FGCU Campus Housing, insert YOUR apt/room here  (ex. Apt A-3)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Biscayne Hall:
Janey Doe
6000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 315-A)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Eagle Hall:
Johnny Doe
9000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 315-A)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Everglades Hall:
Jane Doe
5000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 403-B)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Osprey Hall:
Joey Doe
8000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 226-C)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Palmetto Hall:
Janie Doe
7000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 124)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

West Lake Village:
Jon Doe
17100 College Club Loop Dr. Insert YOUR apt. number here (ex. Apt #123)
Ft. Myers, FL. 33913

NOTE: Mail and Packages will NOT be accepted prior to move-in.

The University is not liable for damage to or loss of personal property as a result of fire, theft or any other cause whatsoever, or failure or interruption of utilities. The University is insured under the State of Florida's self-insurance trust fund that only provides liability for damages or injuries caused by negligence on the part of the University or its employees while working within the scope of their employment. The trust fund will not reimburse for losses created by unforeseen accidents/injuries that may occur. Students are encouraged to secure their own health and personal property loss insurance.

Enjoy a wide variety of the delicious food offerings including national, local and specialty brands!  Visit the FGCU Campus Dining website for details on meal plans, food offerings, locations and much more!

Eagle Dining

The Office of Housing collects current cell phone numbers and emergency contact information for use in an unforeseen or urgent situation.

You can update phone numbers and emergency contact information in the Housing Web Portal via Gulfline ( Your login information is your university ID and your university PIN. Please follow the appropriate instructions on this web page in order to log in successfully (e.g., pop-up blocker must be disabled). Once you have logged in, click on the “update contact information” link. Clicking on this link will redirect you to a window where you can update your cell phone number and emergency/missing person information.

You may also wish to register your cell phone for emergency text messages from the FGCU Alert System at The system will alert you about important announcements from FGCU including school closures, weather-related updates & other pertinent information.

If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 239-590-1700.