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Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

Move In Day

  • Where to Go
  • Parking
  • Policies
  • What You Need
  • Maintenance & Cleaning Requests

To move-in to your assignment, you should go to the community where you were assigned.  There will be directional signs to lead you towards the move-in location.  Please see the links to the FGCU campus map, North Lake Village, South Village and West Lake Village map below for community locations:

Eagles Landing

On move-in days, parking permits are not required, so your family and friends can come to carry all your heavy belongings! Please do not park on sidewalks, in the grass or in handicapped spaces. 

North Lake Village:  Follow the signs for the Check-in location.  Check-in will take place in either Eagles' Landing or the Commons.  Parking LotYou may park in any unreserved parking space.  Once you have checked in and have your key you will proceed to your assigned building to unload your belongings.  Please do not park in the roadways, grass or reserved parking spaces.

South Village:  Follow the signs to the designated zones for each building once you have received your 1 hour parking permit.  Once parked, the student only should follow signs to your assigned building "Check-in Area."  Once checked in, the student will return to the vehicle and at that time you should unload your vehicle.  Vehicles will then need to be moved to the parking garage outside of South Village (Garage 2) immediately, by the time indicated on your parking pass, to allow room for the next group of students to move-in.  Remember to bring a dolley or hand-truck to assist with an easier and faster move-in!

West Lake Village:  Follow the signs for the Check-in Location at the West Lake Village Community Center.  Once you have checked in and have your key you will proceed to your assigned building to unload your belongings. PARKING IS LIMITED, so please limit the number of vehicles you bring to move-in.

 Move-in 2011

Dear Resident,

Living on-campus can be one of the many highlights of your college experience.  The Office of Housing and Residence Life focuses on assisting residents with a successful transition into the FGCU residential, campus, and surrounding local communities. While living on-campus residents will learn to balance individual freedom with community responsibility and to respect and appreciate individual differences.

As a member of the residential community, you have a responsibility to yourself and to the rest of the community.  Students living on-campus are presented with daily opportunities to make choices that impact their health and safety and the safety of those around them.  It is the responsibility of all resident students to make the residence halls and campus a safe and healthy place to live.  Students are encouraged to demonstrate respect for themselves and others as well as to take responsibility for their own actions.

We have provided links to both the Community Guide and the Student Code of Conduct.  Please take some time to visit both pages so that you are familiar with the University’s expectations of you during your tenure at Florida Gulf Coast University. 

The Office of Housing and Residence Life Staff

In order to check out your room key, you will need your FGCU ID Card or another photo ID. You must be present to receive your room key; a friend or family member may NOT check out a key for a resident.

On move-in day it is very helpful to bring a dolly or hand truck as it is difficult to park very close to the buildings. Additionally, we suggest you dress comfortably and bring water as it is quite hot in Ft. Myers in August.

Move-in dayMoving belongings

Maintenance Requests
Should you find anything not working or in need of repair in your room/apartment upon move-in, you must complete a maintenance request at the Office of Housing and Residence Life web portal. In order to get to the portal, you must log into Gulfline at Once you are in the portal, click on Assignments, and then on Maintenance Request.Please note, we are able to respond more quickly when you provide a specific location and a detailed description of the problem.

For emergency repairs contact the reception desk immediately:
North Lake Village contact the Ackert Community Center (239-590-1799)
West Lake Village Contact the Community Center (239-590-1712) or 
South Village:

  • Biscayne- 239-590-1744
  • Eagle - 239-590-1824
  • Everglades- 239-590-1711
  • Osprey- 239-590-1833
  • Palmetto - 239-590-1719

If the reception desks are closed, residents should contact the Resident Assistant (RA) on-call. RA on-call phone numbers will be posted on bulletin boards

You are responsible for cleaning your room or apartment and taking out your own trash, recycling on a regular basis. If you share a room or apartment, you are responsible for cleaning your part, and you and your roommate/s are jointly responsible for cleaning common areas. University custodial services are responsible for routine cleaning of public areas, such as hallways, stairwells, public bathrooms and lounges. Hallways and stairwells must be kept free of personal belongings that could impede the ability of the custodial staff to maintain these areas.

Internet Services
Wireless internet is available in all of North Lake Village, South Village, Eagles’ Landing and the Commons building within North Lake Village. In order to get connected, enable your wireless devices to connect "wlan-nlv" for North Housing or "wlan-sovi" for South Housing. Residents who need assistance connecting to the internet should contact the Computing Services help desk at (239) 590-1188.

Cable Television
All living rooms and bedrooms in the residence halls receive the basic cable stations offered in Fort Myers by Comcast. Residents are responsible for bringing their own cable to hook-up to the cable jack. The use of satellite television receivers and dishes are prohibited within the residential community.

Laundry Facility Maintenance Requests
Submit a laundry maintenance request using LaundryView, the online laundry maintenance request form.

  • Visit the LaundryViewreporting Web site
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the laundry room where the problem has occurred. Signs are posted in each laundry room indicating that it is either Room 1, Room 2, Room 3, or Room 4.
  • Select the type of equipment and the problem you have encountered
  • Enter your name, phone number (optional), and e-mail address
  • Enter comments about the specific machine and problem
  • Click Submit to complete your request