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Housing and Residence Life

Housing and Residence Life

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Can I bring my car to campus?

Yes, you can. Parking permits are required for all students that wish to bring a vehicle to campus and may be obtained from FGCU Parking Services

During vacations and breaks, may I stay in the residence halls?
Residence halls remain open during the various university holidays and students are allowed to stay in their apartments depending on the terms and conditions of their contract. Housing is closed to all residents during the time period between the end of the Summer semester and Fall move-in.

How will I receive mail while I am living on campus?All students who live on campus are assigned a mailbox located in the Commons building in North Lake Village, in the main lobby of the residence halls in South Village and adjacent to the Community Center in West Lake Village. You will receive your mailbox key at move-in.

Correspondence should be addressed as follows:

North Lake Village:
John Doe
1000 FGCU Campus Housing, insert YOUR apt/room here  (ex. Apt A-3)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Biscayne Hall:
Janey Doe
6000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 315-A)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Eagle Hall:
Johnny Doe
9000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 315-A)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Everglades Hall:
Jane Doe
5000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 403-B)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Osprey Hall:
Joey Doe
8000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 226-C)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

Palmetto Hall:
Janie Doe
7000 FGCU Campus Housing, Insert YOUR room here (ex. Room 124)
Fort Myers, FL 33965

West Lake Village:
Jon Doe
17100 College Club Loop Dr. Insert YOUR apt. number here (ex. Apt #123)
Ft. Myers, FL. 33913

What if I decide to move off campus during the academic year? There is not one answer to this question. Please read the terms and conditions of your contract carefully. It contains important information regarding contract cancellations. Once the contract is signed and returned to our office, it is binding for the entire length of the contract.

Can I have a tour of a room before I arrive?
Yes, the Office of Admissions Welcome Center also provides complete campus tours, including a stop at the model in South Village throughout the year. A representative 2 bedroom single suite in South Village is shown during the tour. Walk-up tours are available at Biscayne Hall during the academic year (with the exception of Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and the summer semester.)

During the summer we offer tours of a 4 bedroom single apartment in North Lake Village. Just stop by the lobby of the Ackert Community Center in North Lake Village. Tours take place on the hour between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Our tour guides are Resident Assistants who live in our residence halls and can answer all types of questions. Due to the high demand for rooms during the academic year, we do not have an apartment in North Lake Village open for tours. However, you may take a self-guided tour through the Ackert Community Center, Eagles' Landing and the lakefront.

To tour West Lake Village, visit the Community Center and speak with the front desk staff. The office is open 9:00 am - midnight every day.