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Institute for Youth and Justice Studies

Institute for Youth and Justice Studies

Community Justice Consortium


The Institute for Youth and Justice Studies co-sponsored a televised town hall meeting entitled, "The Campaign to Protect Children: Step Up For Kids"

Please join us and view the: Campaign to Protect Children Video



To engage citizens to take action and hold our leaders accountable to deliver the 5 Promises to Florida’s children and families: (1) Maternal Infant and Child Health; (2) Safety, Permanence and Services to Children in Out-of-Home Settings; (3) High Quality Pre-K, Child Care and Early Learning; (4) Safe and Enriching Before and After-School Experiences; and (5) Delinquency Prevention and Juvenile Justice Reform.

Children’s Campaign, Inc. is a cutting-edge and groundbreaking advocacy organization devoted to making children’s issues a legislative priority while staying within the well-documented boundaries of permissible activities for a 501 (C)(3) organization.

Three citizen structures govern and inform our work: The Board of Directors, 5 Promises Leadership Council, and the Minority Issues Advisory Council.

Our vision and activities are driven by a platform that is the result of consensus building over a broad spectrum of interests and viewpoints and supported by state of the art public opinion research. We work closely with citizens and local and statewide collaborative partners to encourage policy-makers to address the needs as identified in the platform and its related policy briefs.

Co-founded by Roy Miller, who now serves as its President, Children’s Campaign, Inc. was begun 14 years ago and became an independent 501(C) (3) tax exempt organization in January 2002.