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  • NCAA Division I Certification Process Peer-Review Team Visit to FGCU.
    September 28-30, 2010

NCAA Division I Certification Process

The NCAA Division I Certification Process is designed to ensure that FGCU is maintaining the integrity of intercollegiate athletics and meeting the requirements and the responsibilities associated with operating a Division I Athletics program.  This includes meeting the requirements of  1) academic integrity,  2) gender/diversity and student-athlete well being, and  3) governance and commitment to rules compliance. FGCU has established the following broad-based goals for our NCAA Division I Athletics Certification Process:

  • Ensure that the FGCU intercollegiate athletics program is operating in accordance with the high standards and core values of NCAA Division I.
  • Identify opportunities to improve the FGCU intercollegiate athletics program.
  • Involve all constituent groups in the self-study process to ensure transparency and to educate the community about the athletics program's goals and purposes and the role that intercollegiate athletics plays in the university.

FGCU Athletics

Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) offers a dynamic and successful intercollegiate athletics program that benefits students, student-athletes, faculty, staff and the greater community. Since debuting in 2000 with the launch of men's and women's golf and men's and women's tennis, FGCU athletics has enjoyed remarkable success as a young program in only its 10th year.

Today FGCU intercollegiate athletics offers

  • men's and women's golf,
  • men's and women's tennis,
  • men's and women's basketball,
  • women's softball,
  • men's baseball,
  • men's and women's cross country,
  • women's volleyball,
  • men's and women's soccer, and
  • women's swimming and diving.

FGCU is a member of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) Division I and a member of the Atlantic Sun Conference, as well as the Coastal Collegiate Swimming Association.