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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

F Visa


All FGCU sponsored international students are overseen by International Services. Both students and the university are responsible for compliance with many U.S. Immigration and government regulations and must work together to ensure that these obligations are met. Students also have many opportunities to fully participate in the academic experience and local community through such things as employment, social and cultural activities and community events. International Services  is your resource base throughout your enrollment at FGCU and provides advisors to assist you with immigration, questions, needs, problems and overall guidance to have a successful experience at FGCU and in the U.S.

  • Student Responsibilities

    Students are responsible to maintain contact with International Services, their Immigration status with the USCIS, and be in good standing student status with FGCU. Meeting these requirements should prevent unexpected problems.

  • Emergencies

    If you have an emergency that needs to be handled by our office outside of business hours, please contact the Campus Police at (239) 590-1911 (1911 on campus) who will communicate with International Services to assist you.

Reminder: Please read e-mail messages and International Student Bulletins sent periodically to your FGCU e-mail account and website announcements & reminders.