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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

Study Abroad Additional Resources


Links and Resources for Study Abroad

FGCU Exchange Programs and Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs

A number of short term programs abroad have been developed by various FGCU academic departments. For specific information, please contact the following:

Provider Programs:Search Engines for Study Abroad Programs:

Study Abroad Programs and Agencies (Please apply to these programs through the Horizons system)

State of Florida University System Programs for Study Abroad

Working Abroad

Internships Abroad

International Internships


Safety and Travel Information

Health Information


  • ubumm - connect with other students abroad

Information on Voting Overseas

Discount Air Tickets for Students

Search Engine for Cheap Overseas Flights

Direct Flights to Germany from Fort Myers, Florida

Cheap Flights within Europe

Student Loans for Study Abroad