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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

Study Abroad Informaion for Academic Advisors


Assisting Students to Study Abroad

A number of students are interested in spending some of their academic experience abroad.  Many are interested in receiving academic credit.  Students may go abroad to study (short or long term), intern, work or engage in service learning. The International Services Office provides information sessions, information tables, study abroad fairs, and a resource library available to all students to assist them in learning about and pursuing study abroad.   We also provide individual consultation and assistance to students with their program selection, application and enrollment in study abroad programs.

Generally speaking, students tend to study abroad almost any time after completing their freshman year.  Many programs will not accept a student who is only a freshman, but some programs may.  Also, waiting until the final one or two semesters of a student’s degree program, may limit the student’s options to transfer credits back to FGCU.  However, internships in the later semesters may be good options and fit well with the degree program. Most programs also require students to be in good academic standing. Please refer any interested students to our website or encourage them to contact us directly in Reed Hall 122.  We also have a general Study Abroad brochure that may be useful to Academic Advisors in promoting this opportunity to students.  Please contact us if you would like copies sent to your office.

Study Abroad Course Transfer Equivalency Approval Process

1. Student attends an FGCU International Services Information Session.

2. Student researches their options and chooses a study abroad program.

3. Student meets with Study Abroad Coordinator for Course Pre-Approval Form signature.

4. Student meets with Academic Advisor for FGCU equivalency determination and signature.

5. Student turns in completed Course Pre-Approval Form to the International Services Office.

6. Student applies to provider program (This step may be done any time after step 2).

7. Student studies abroad. If the student arrives in country and finds that they must alter their courses due to course unavailability, a new Course Pre-Approval Form must be filled out.  This may be done over the Internet and may take the form of email correspondence that is attached as an addendum to the original form.

8. Student returns to campus and:

A. The Registrar’s Office receives transcripts and courses are articulated as indicated on the Course Pre-Approval Form


B. The student returns with (or receives in the mail) an official sealed transcript from the foreign university which the student then sends to an approved credit evaluation service for evaluation.  The evaluation service sends the transcript and evaluation to the FGCU Registrar’s Office and courses are articulated as indicated on the Course Pre-Approval Form.