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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

Study Abroad



Expand your world and your future


By immersing yourself in another culture somewhere across the globe, you will broaden your international perspective, gain greater awareness of your own culture and history — and collect amazing travel stories to share for a lifetime. Studies show that international experience leads to greater employment opportunities after you graduate — isn't that worth the investment of a semester or summer abroad?


Explore the variety of programs and locations available here. Our staff can help you match your goals and interests with the best international options.

Upcoming Study Abroad Information Session Schedule (in Reed Hall 125)

Tuesday 3/5/19 5pm 

Monday 3/18/19 5pm  

Can't make the study abroad session? click here for virtual version 


   Schedule a Study Abroad Advising Session 


Program Types: 

Faculty Led Study AbroadFaculty-led programs are comprised of FGCU courses taken with other FGCU students. Courses are taught by FGCU faculty who align curriculum with the destination abroad. Students are registered for FGCU courses for FGCU credit and and pay tuition as normal. Program fees for airfare, accommodation, local transportation etc. are paid seperately and vary depending on the program. Most are offered during the summer and focus on a specific academic discipline or theme. Programs are normally announced in September for the following calendar year.

2019 Faculty led Study Abroad programs

Independent Study Abroad (Credit Transfer) - Independent study abroad programs are immersive programs that offer students a more independent experience. Fellow students will be both from other universities throughout the USA and also at host universities abroad. Options are mostly facilitated by third party providers organizations but students can also choose to independently direct enroll into a university or institution abroad. Students earn credit that can be transferred to FGCU and used to satisfy specific FGCU credit requirements. Courses need to be pre-approvoved by the International Services Office and academic advisors. There are seemingly endless program options and destinations and one of the roles of the International Services Office is to assist students in finding the right program for their personal and academic interests.     

Recommended provider organizations:

Exchange Programs - Exchange programs allow you to pay FGCU tuition to study at foreign institutions with which FGCU has exchange agreements. Students earn direct FGCU academic credit for courses taken abroad. Exchange programs are often affiliated with and coordinated by either an FGCU college or degree program, but are generally open to most students. Lutgert College of Business Exchanges are for Business students only. For Legal Studies or Political Science majors -  University of Macerata Exchange Partnership 

International Internships/Non-Credit Volunteer/Work Abroad Provider Programs – There are many opportunities to volunteer, intern, work, and travel abroad with FGCU student groups or other provider programs that may or may not provided academic credit. FGCU has an affiliation with International Internships and CRCC in Asia and the UK that are able to customize your international internship. The International Services Office can provide information on these types of programs.


Featured Programs: 


Click here for more information and FGCU student application instructions





Recommended programs by major: 


Athena in Aberdeen, Scotland (semester) 

USAC in Valencia Spain (summer and semester)

James Cooke University in Australia (semester direct enroll)  

CIEE Costa Rica  (semester and summer) 


USAC in Torino, Italy (summer and semester)

CIS Abroad in Prague, Czech Republic (summer and semester)

Florida State University in Valencia, Spain (summer and semester)

London, England in KEI (summer and semester) 

Resort and Hospitalty Management: 

Athena in Dublin, Ireland (semester) 

USAC in Verona, Italy (summer and semester) 

EUSA in Seville, Spain, (semester)  

CISAbroad in Salaya, Thailand (summer and semester)


Athena in Florence, Italy (summer and semester) 

USAC in Seoul, Korea (semester) 

Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

EUSA in Seville, Spain, (semester)  


Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

IFSA Butler in Edinburgh, Scotland (semester) 

USAC in Ireland (summer and semester)  

Health Majors:

CIS in Costa Rica (summer and semester)  

Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

IFSA Butler in Manipal, India (semester) 

USAC in Reggio Emilia, Italy (summer and semester) 

USAC in Accra, Ghana (summer and semester) 


Harlaxton Manor, England (summer and semester, courses)

Athena in Florence, Italy (summer and semester) 

CIS in Salaya Thailand (summer and semester) 

USAC in Valencia, Spain (summer and semester) 




Study Abroad Contact:

Matt Ryan

Assistant Director, International Services Office