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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

Faculty-Led Study Abroad


FGCU Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs (FLSA) – FLSA programs are short-term (generally 2 weeks to 2 months) study abroad trips led by FGCU faculty. FLSA programs are designed to study a specific topic. Students earn direct FGCU academic credit for the course. The FGCU International Services Office coordinates applications for and serves as a central hub for information regarding FLSA programs.

How to Apply for FGCU Faculty-Led Study Abroad (FLSA) Programs

Step 1: Choose your program, See list of programs for 2017 below                

Step 2: Register yourself with FGCU Horizons (

Step 3: Apply for your chosen program, submitting your application materials as indicated by Horizons. (waiver form) Follow instructions regarding additional requirements and processes.

Step 4: Pay initial installment by the program's deadline date  

Step 5: Attend all pre-departure orientations scheduled for your program

Step 6: Have a great time studying abroad!


 Faculty Led Study Abroad Programs running in 2018

Click program title for more information

Croatia: Cultural Heritage Management:  This study abroad program will be embedded into the semester course ANT 3042, Museum Exhibit Design during the spring of 2018. The course will discuss best practices in developing topic, conducting research, interpreting message and installing exhibit. Students will deliver interpretive material to the National Museum in Zadar. Travel dates March 3rd to March 10th. $1800 Plus Tuition (application closed)

Italy: Science, Engineering and Society: This program will explore historical transitions from Republic to Empire and from rural / agrarian society to one that is inicreasinigly urban while showcasing the influence politics, science, art and religion play in the built environment. learning from past examples is a fundamental tenet of applying science and engineering that impacts the type of infrastructure we provide and the type of infrastructure we envision for the future. We will use the study abroad to travel to iconic locations in Italy examing aspects and modern infrastructure to use as a comparison with our own historical development and current reality. Travel dates May 19th to June 3rd, 2018. $4296 plus tuition 

Dominican Republic: Community Health: This study abroad program will help you understand community health programs, examine the role of public policies affecting health nd compare the delivery of healthcare in urban versus rural areas of Dominican Republic (DR) through visits to local hospitals, clinics and public health organizations. You will visit the capital and explore the city's Spanish Colonial culture through architecture, cuisine, music and art. You will also visit pristine and undisturbed natural places such as mountains with organic farms, waterfalls in Jarabacoa, beaches in Juan Dolio, and engage in an immersin program with local Dominican university students.Travel dates May 20th to May 31st, 2018. $3660 plus tuition

Cuba: Entrepreneurship and Society: The institute for Entrepreneurship is offering for the FIRST TIME, the opportunity to study in Havana, Cuba during the summer of 2018. learn about local entrepreneurship efforts and creativity within Cuba's unique parameters, learn about international business, Cuban culture and more! Travel dates May 7th to May 14th, 2018. $3680 plus tuition

Austria / Germany: Summer in Salzburg: Summer in Salzburg is designed to give students instruction in the (German) language, history, culture, architecture, music, and art. During the week students will be in Salzburg taking courses and experiencing life in Salzburg. On the weekends, group excursions will allow students to explore other destinations in Austria and Germany, including Munich, Vienna, and the Alps.Travel dates June 28th - July 28th, 2018. $4400 plus tuition  $4400 plus tuition 

Peru: Life on the Amazon: This interdisciplinary program focuses on the theme of “life” in the Peruvian Amazon basin. Based in Iquitos, Peru and at field stations in the Amazon rainforest, students will examine the interconnection between the biology, culture and healthcare of tropical Peru. The class will also spend several days each in Lima and Cusco (including Machu Picchu) in order to compare and contrast Amazonia with the political and historic capitals of Peru. Travel dates May 24th to June 11th, 2018. $2000 plus tuition. (Application closed) 

Mexico: Presidential Politics and Social Movements:  Mexico has its presidential elections - held every 6 years - on July 1st, 2018. For FGCU students, mexicaan's presidential elections are an opportunity to understand Mexican politics and society from mexican perspectives. We will also be looking more broadly atthe agency of indigenous peoples in not only adapting themselves to modernity in order to secure their cultural survival, but also as actors capable to initiating change in both Mexico and throughout Latin America. Travel Dates July 6th to July 21st, 2018. $2430 plus tuition

South Africa: Conservation issues in South Africa: This program will provide students an opportunity to explore the historical context of poaching and wildlife trafficking in sothern Africa. We will use case studies (elephants and rhinoceros) to understand how Africa's wildlife have been utilized and managed in th epast, are currently being exploited, and how conservation efforts may secure their future existence. Lectures, discussions, and safari experiences will give students an insight of the current struggles to protect Africa's charismatic megafauna.Travel Dates May 31st to June 17th, 2018.  $5650 plus tuition (Application Closed) 

Bahamas: Tropical Island Biology:  This course is an intensive immersion experience designed to provide a broad overview of the biology and ecology of tropical islands, using San Salvador Island, Bahamas as a model for the Caribbean basin. The course emphasizes experiential collaborative learning through lecture, laboratory, field activities, and group projects. Additionally, participating students are introduced to aspects of the history and culture (e.g. pre-Columbus and plantation-era history, bush medicine) and the current environmental and socio-economic issues faced by the inhabitants of San Salvador. Early June $1744 plus tuition

Great Britain: Geology and Its Influence on Great Britain’s Human and Natural History: Geological materials and processes shape the earth's surface, create landscapes, supply natural resources, and impose environmental and climatic change. These, in turn, shape natural history and human societal and cultural development. Great Britain serves as an ideal natural laboratory in which to investigate geological causes and its historical consequences. 18th and 19th Century Great Britain was the time and place of geology's conceptualization as a science and of the nation's colonial expansion and industrialization; it was the demand for natural resources to fuel expansion that inspired geological innovation. The years between 1750 and 1950 were crucial to the development of three defining features of modern Britain: the Industrial Revolution, the British Empire, and the modern class system. This course introduces the history of geology, its central principles and methods, the application of those principles to the industrialization of Great Britain, and the subsequent history of the nation as a consequence. The trip combines geologic field investigations, the study of museum archives and public exhibits, and the recording of oral histories from those persons influenced by that history. The 16-day excursion visits numerous locations throughout London, northern Wales, and the Midlands of England. $2776 plus tuition

Hungary / Austria: College of Education Teaching Experience: A typical day will include observation and teaching in early childhood classrooms during school hours, participating in COE classes and meeting with COE students and faculty from the University of West Hungary (Sopron). Academic and cultural programming will take place in the evenings. A typical weekend will include excursions to historically and culturally significant sites in Budapest, Vienna and the Hungarian countryside, i.e. the Budapest Parliament building and Danube River cruise, the Schonbrunn Castle and Albertina Museum in Vienna, and Lake Balaton, central Europe's largest lake.  4/16/2018 - 5/3/2018   $1794 (application closed) 

Italy: Experience Italian Hospitality, regional Features and Gastronomy: This program will immerse students in a variety of Italian hospitality operations found in the Tuscany region, which are essential to resort and hospitality management. An appreciation for diverse amenities, as well as, agri-touristic opportunities in local food specialties, cheese and wine production with learning activities from local experts, gaining a better understanding of local, regional and seasonal impacts is invaluable to students seeking to become premier hospitality management professionals. 6/04/18 – 6/20/18 $6663 plus tuition



FACULTY: Looking to plan a study abroad experience in 2019? Click here! (available soon)



Past Faculty-Led Study Abroad programs:


Trinidad: Carnaval, Culture and Conservation in Trinidad and Tobago (2018)

Ireland: Folklore and Heritage of Ireland (2017)

Hungary and Austria: Teach Abroad Experience (2017)

Ghana: Research and Conservation (2017)

Bahamas: Tropical Island Biology (2017)

France, England, Scotland: Theatre Adventure Abroad (2017)

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania: Musical Choir Performance (2017)  

Ireland: Identity and Culture (2017)

South Africa: Wildlife Conservation (2016) 

Ghana: Global Health Issues, Human Rights and Social Justice (2016) 

Germany and Austria: Cultural Highlights of Germany and Austria (2016) 

Spain: Discovering Spain: Language, Art, and Culture (2016) 

South Africa: Past Meets Present: historical framework for wildlife conservation in Africa (2016)

Bahamas:  Tropical Island Biology (2016) 

Trinidad: Carnaval, Culture and Conservation in Trinidad and Tobago (2016) 

Hungary: Study Abroad Student Teaching Experience (2016) 

Italy: Study Abroad Tuscany (2016) 

Paris, London and Edinburgh Theater Adventure (Summer 2015)

Germany Language and Culture (Summer 2015)

Croatia Museum Studies (Summer 2015)

Costa Rica Research Experience (Fall 2014)

European -Germany, Austria, Czech Republic- Choir Tour (Summer 2014)

European -France and Spain- Hospitality (Summer 2014)

Singapore Sustainability (Summer 2014)

Bahamas Tropical Island Biology (Summer 2014)

Bahamas Environmental Change (Summer 2014)

Ghana Social Work (Summer 2014)

Hungary Education Internships (Spring 2014)

Caribbean Cruiseline Operations and Management (Fall 2013)

Costa Rica Food, Ecology, and Sustainability (Summer 2013)

Bahamas Tropical Island Biology (Summer 2013)

Italy Food and Wine Tourism (Summer 2013)

Guyana Essential Life (Spring Break 2013)

UK Comparative Healthcare (Spring Break 2013)

Ghana Research Experience (Winter Break 2012/2013)

Argentina Effects of Agriculture on Wetland Ecosystems (Winter Break 2012/2013)

UK Theatre (Summer 2013)

Cruiseline Operations and Management (Fall 2012)

Bahamas Tropical Island Biology (Summer 2012)

Ecuador Galapagos Islands Biology and History (Summer 2012)

Hungary Education Internships (Spring 2012)