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FGCU International Services

FGCU International Services

Peace Corps Prep Program


About The Peace Corps Prep Program at FGCU


Frame your experience at FGCU

Get prepared for international development fieldwork and potentially Peace Corps service by building 4 competencies integrating FGCU classes with service learning, field experiences and professional development.

  1. Training and experience in a specific work sector based on major

  2. Foreign language proficiency

  3. Intercultural competencies

  4. Professional and leadership development

Participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Peace Corps- and a competitive edge when applying for Peace Corps service


Info Sessions

Thursday, September 13th


Cohen Center 213


Wednesday, October 3rd

Study Abroad Fair


Student Plaza/ Breezeway (In front of Griffin Hall)


Monday, October 15th


Cohen Center 213


Wednesday, October 17th


Cohen Center 213


Monday, November 5th


Cohen Center 213


Application  Process

  • Must be in good standing to apply

  • Application Deadline: Monday, November 19th 2018

Program to begin January 2019



Click HERE to access the FGCU  Peace Corps Prep Student Guide


Peace Corps Prep Program Requirements

Please thoroughly review this guide before applying to the program

1.      Training and experience in a specific work sector

Students should take at least three courses that build their capacity to work in one of the following sectors. Additionally, they should accumulate a minimum of 50 hours of volunteer or work experience in that same sector, preferably in a teaching or outreach capacity.

·  Education

·  Health

·  Environment

·  Agriculture

·  Youth in Development

·  Community Economic Development


2.      Foreign language skills

Students should hone their capacity to interact professionally using a non-English language. PC Prep minimum course requirements vary by desired placement region.

·         Latin America: Individuals wanting to serve in Spanish-speaking countries must apply with strong intermediate proficiency, having completed two 200-level courses or learned Spanish through another medium.

·         West Africa: Individuals wanting to serve in French-speaking African countries should be proficient in French or another Romance Language, having completed one 200-level course or learned the language through another medium.

·         Everywhere else: The Peace Corps recommends but has no explicit language requirements for individuals applying to serve in most other countries.


3.      Intercultural competence

Students should deepen their intercultural competence through a mix of three self-reflective courses focused on diversity and inclusion or the study of marginalized groups.

·         Prolonged intercultural experiences—such as studying/volunteering abroad, supporting new Americans/immigrants in the community, or teaching in diverse schools—may partially fulfill this requirement.


4.      Professional and leadership development

Students should hone their professional skills through at least three activities:

1.      Have their resume critiqued by someone in Career Development Services

2.      Attend a workshop or class on interview skills with Career Development Services

3.      Develop at least one significant leadership experience. For example, organizing a campus event, leading a work or volunteer project, or serving on the executive board of a student organization.



Primary Contact

Charlotte Bingham

Coordinator, International Services

Peace Corp Prep Program Advisor


To schedule an appointment click HERE


Secondary Contact

Matt Ryan

Assistant Director, Study Abroad

(239) 590-1494

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