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Drug Education


Who Do You Trust?
Grades: 4-5 cigarette-smash
Students may wonder who to turn to when faced with pressure to try tobacco, alcohol or other drugs. This program emphasizes the fact that drugs are neither good nor bad, but their effects on the body can be helpful or harmful. Students will learn how the body systems are affected by drugs. Decision-making skills, drug recognition, alcohol, tobacco, inhalants, and other medicines are discussed. Students will practice refusal skills.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.4.C.1.6, HE.4.C.2.2, HE.4.B.3.4, HE.4.P.1.2, HE.4.P.1.3, HE.5.C.1.6, HE.5.C.2.2, HE.5.B.3.4, HE.5.P.1.1, HE.5.P.1.2, LA., LA., LA., LA., NHES:1,5,7

Decisions- It’s Up To You
Grades: 6-8 energy drinks
This drug abuse prevention program discusses the pharmacological and physiological effects of drugs including: marijuana, alcohol, and the highly popular “energy drinks”. Young teens will receive information about how exactly these drugs can alter the body, so that they can make an informed choice when facing decisions about drug use. Immediate and long-term drug effects are discussed. The influences of the media on the teen decision-making process will also be explored.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.6.C.1.7, HE.6.C.2.2, HE.6.C.2.5, HE.6.C.2.7, HE.6.B.2.4, HE.7.C.1.7, HE.7.C.2.2, HE.7.C.2.5, HE.7.B.3.1, HE.7.P.1.3, HE.8.C.1.7, HE.7.C.2.2, HE.8.C.2.7, HE.8.B.3.1, HE.8.B.3.7, LA., LA., LA., NHES: 1,2,4,5,7 

Be In the “No”
Grades: 9-12 Designer Drugs
A straightforward discussion on the effects and dangers of heroin, methamphetamines, date rape and designer drugs. The abuse of prescription drugs including: Oxycontin, Adderall, & Ritalin will also explored. Drug tolerance and aspects of drug addiction along with tools for staying drug free are addressed. Features interactive activities.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.912.C.1.7, HE.912.C.2.2, HE.912.C.2.7, HE.912.B.3.6, LA.910.1.6.1, LA.1112.1.6.1, NHES: 1,2,4,5,7 

Binge Drinking-The Party’s Over
Grades: 9-12
Students will explore the dangers of alcohol poisoning and binge drinking. The physiological effects of alcohol will be explored. Participants share in activities that help make the consequences of alcohol use more real. Interactive activities and demonstrations are presented.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.912.C.1.2, HE.912.C.2.2, HE.912.C.2.8, HE.912.B.3.1, HE.912.B.3.6, LA.910.1.6.1, LA.1112.1.6.1, NHES: 1,2,4,5,7