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Nutrition and Fitness


My Body, My Buddy kids exercising
Grades: 2-4
This highly interactive program will get kids moving. During this presentation, students will learn the fundamentals of exercise and the importance of healthy eating. Students get a real workout to high impact music. The importance of daily activity and the effects of exercise on multiple systems of the body will be explored. Sneakers are recommended!!!!
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.2.C.1.2, HE.2.C.1.6, HE.2.B.3.3, HE.3.C.1.1, HE.3.P.1.2, LA., LA., LA., LA., LA., LA., PE.2.C.1.5, NHES: 1,4,5,7 


Mission Nutrition
Grades: 3-5heart nutrition
Students will learn how to make healthy food choices in today’s fast food/snack orientated world. Dietary and caloric needs and how to best meet them through the use of My Plate and energy expenditure activities will be explored. In addition, students will identify nutrition and food label information and participate in a food trivia game which teaches how to make healthy food choices.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.3.C.1.1, HE.3.B.1.2, HE.3.B.3.4, HE.3.B.3.5, HE.4.C.1.1, HE.5.C.1.1, HE.5.C.1.4, LA., LA., LLA., LA.


Eating For Your Future
Grades: 6-7 Coke Sugar
This high-energy program explains how to maintain a healthy balance between fitness and diet. Hands-on activities demonstrate caloric content of foods that adolescents favor . A segment on exercise and fitness reinforces understanding that a combination of healthy food choices and physical activity is important to achieve total physical fitness.
Next Generation Sunshine State Standards: HE.6.C.1.1, HE.6.C.1.8, HE.6.B.1.5, HE.7.C.1.1, HE.7.B.3.1, LA., LA., NHES: 1,4,5,7.