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Lucas Center for Faculty Development

Lucas Center for Faculty Development

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Student Learning Focus


SPoI Resources for Faculty to Use With Students

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There was a call for an instrument that was more formative rather than summative.  For that reason, the Faculty Senate through the Faculty Affairs Team, UFF, and the Office of Planning and Institutional Performance began the process in the fall of 2013 to research, develop and pilot an instrument that moved away from the Student Assessment of Instruction (SAI) to the SPoI.

The change from “assessment” to “perception” was very intentional to emphasize the purpose of the instrument.  The emphasis is on student learning and what students “perceive” to support learning in specific courses.

Instructors can review and use the SPoI feedback to strengthen and improve teaching and learning in their classes.  The information obtained in the SPoI includes focused open response items that can be used by the instructor to uncover behaviors that assist in student learning, to write PDP goals, and ultimately collect feedback to support the Annual Review of teaching based upon the goals written.