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Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development

Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development

Emerging Leaders



 Emerging Eagles

Overview & Purpose        

Emerging Eagles is a leadership development program designed for first year students and new leaders to promote the discovery of individual leadership styles.   The program seeks to foster leadership potential and provide students the necessary tools to become effective leaders in the Florida Gulf Coast University campus, community, and beyond. Emerging Eagles begins with a weekend retreat that involves attending a ropes course followed by meeting once a week for six weeks. Students participate in large group workshops and are supported through small groups led by Emerging Eagles Mentors.  

Who Should Apply 
Emerging Eagles is designed to introduce first year students and new leaders to leadership opportunities and prepare them with the necessary skills to contribute positively to the FGCU community.  Because everyone has leadership potential, no previous leadership experience is required.  Participants in our program come from a variety of backgrounds and have  diverse experiences.  All students interested in developing themselves as leaders and being on the forefront of leadership on the FGCU campus should register.

What will I gain from being a part of Emerging Eagles?

  • An understanding of your personal leadership style, assets and strengths
  • Learn critical skills that are relevant to all aspects of leadership (communication, conflict resolution, decision making, ethical leadership)
  • An appreciation for diversity and an understanding of personal privilege
  • Develop fundamental team building skills to effectively accomplish common goals
  • Networking opportunities and peer connections that encourage further development of leadership skills in all aspects of the collegiate experience
  • Participate in activities that foster civic engagement and promote positive societal change
  • Develop a leadership action plan and gain an understanding of your individual leadership philosophy

For more information, contact: Office of Multicultural and Leadership Development at or 239-590-7990