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Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Effort Certification


Effort Reporting/Certification is the documenting of the proportion of time spent on any grant activity and is expressed as a percentage of the total professional activities (teaching, research and/or service) for which an individual is compensated by their Institutional Base Salary (IBS). Effort describes how an individual spent their time, not how the individual’s salary was funded.

Effort certification is a Federal requirement and mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in regulation OMB Circular A21. This government circular requires a confirmation of effort of all individuals performing services on a sponsored project when all or a portion of their salary is charged to the sponsored project.

Nicola Foote and Patricia Fuentes conducting an oral history research project in Santa Cruz, Galapagos, Ecuador.

FGCU time certification reports must be certified biweekly and effort reports must be certified at the end of each semester. Investigators and employees are responsible for completing the ORGS Sponsored Research Effort Certification Form (SREC) showing their after-the-fact percent of effort. Notification will be sent from ORGS and the form must be submitted to ORGS six weeks after the initial notification. The SREC form can be found on the ORGS Website - Form Library.

Effort Reporting/Certification contacts are Lou Kirk (7022) and Darina Nikolov (7549). Offices are located Howard Hall suite 202.