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Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Grant Management


Dr. Phil Allman, FGCU Herpetology Lab


Grant Management is the post-award process and activity that takes place after the grant applicationhas been awarded to FGCU. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) is responsible forthe overall post-award management and monitoring of all externally sponsored research grants, contracts, agreements, projects, and programs. Services provided by ORGS include, but are not limited to, monitoring account activity, preparing required financial reports, managing invoicing per terms of the award, coordinating audits, cost transfers, budget transfers, administering government property accounting inventory, retention of records, reviewing and approving requests for personnel compensation, and closing out of the award which includes reconciliation of all payments and expenses and handling any remaining budget.

ORGS, on behalf of FGCU, serves as the primary administrative liaison to manage and monitor awards in accordance with award-specific sponsor guidelines and regulations.

The process of managing sponsored research funds is a shared responsibility between the PI, ORGS, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Procurement, and other FGCU offices. Each department has unique areas of responsibility.