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Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Internal Clearance Routing


ORGS on behalf of FGCU, is the only authorized body to finally submit an external grant application to a sponsoring agency for funding.

ORGS, in cooperation with the Principal Investigator (PI), coordinates and leads the discussion and negotiation with the sponsoring agency on issues regarding grant budget and research compliance. ORGS may reject the acceptance of an externally sponsored grant/contract/project/program if the internal clearance process is not followed, even if it is approved for funding by the sponsoring agency.

Internal clearance is the routing process by which the University reviews and endorses externally sponsored grants/contracts/projects/programs.  Internal clearance is necessary to ensure that the appropriate resources are available for the sponsored project, budget is properly planned and justified, and elements of the project are in compliance with rules and regulations set by the sponsoring agency and the University. The PI is responsible for completing the Internal Clearance Form (ICF).

To initiate the internal clearance process, the PI must route the completed ICF –along with itemized budget, budget justification, and a brief project summary or statement of work– to one’s Department Chair and College Dean for review and signatures. Electronic signatures and routing are the most efficient method for obtaining clearance. This can be accomplished through using a digital signature, saving to the file to the desktop, clicking “Submit via Email,” and entering the email address of the next individual required to sign.

Last, the PI must submit one’s grant application package (i.e. completed ICF, technical proposal, budget proposal including budget justifications) to ORGS for final review and approval prior to submitting the grant application to the sponsoring agency.