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Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Regulatory Compliance


Compliance Committees

Compliance Committees provide FGCU researchers assistance in complying with the various federal, state and university regulations.  There are three regulatory committees:

  • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) – research and teaching projects involving animals
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) - Research involving human subjects
  • Institutional Safety Committee (ISC) – research with bio-hazardous materials, select agents, recombinant DNA, controlled chemicals and radio-active material, or processes that result in acutely hazardous waste.

For more information and assistance with IACUC and IRB applications, please contact Sandy Terranova at 239-590-7522 or

For more information and assistance with ISC, please contact Rhonda Holtzclaw at 239-590-1037 or

Misconduct in Research

FGCU holds all individuals involved in scientific research and scholarly/creative activity to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of these activities.  Faculty, staff, and students are expected to comply with generally accepted ethical and legal standards for the conduct of and reporting of possible violations in the conduct scientific research and scholarly/creative activity.

FGCU has established Misconduct in Research procedures that apply to individuals (other than students involved in regular classroom assignments) engaged in any form of research and scholarship, funded or otherwise, in every discipline throughout FGCU.