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Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Office of Research and Graduate Studies



Small Grant for Preliminary Study (SGPS) 

An external grant application will be more competitive by including a section of “Preliminary Study” in the proposal. SGPS provides seed money to produce preliminary data for feasibility study, pilot study, proof-of-concept, etc. The goal of SGPS is to strengthen faculty’s external grant applications and lead to securing external funding from various sponsoring agencies.

Deadline:             First Friday of April (by 5:00 pm)
Award Amount:   Max. $5,000 per award
Award Period:     One Academic Year; August 1st to May 31st (No extension; No carryover)
# of Awards:       Dependent on the merit of each application and total funding availability
Award Announcement:  By June 30theach year

       All FGCU in-unit, full-time faculty members are invited to apply for this initiative.

To Apply:        A proposal, in PDF format only, must be submitted to ORGS ( before the deadline.
                        Please contact Ms. Aquonna Thornhill (, x7020) for inquiries. 

Proposal Format (Proposals not conforming to the required format will not be reviewed)

The proposal is limited to four 8.5″x11″ pages with one-inch margins on all sides, single-spaced, in Arial 11 point font. The following sections are required: 

 1.    Project Title
 2.    PI: Name, Department/College/Unit, and Contact Information
 3.    Co-PI(s): Name, Department/College/Unit, and Contact Information of each Co-PI 
 4.    Abstract (< 250 words)
 5.    Objectives/Goals/Specific Aims
 6.    Innovation and Significance
 7.    Research Plan
 8.    Plan to Submit External Grant Application(s)
        8a.    Specify by title(s)of external program and sponsoring agency
        8b.    Provide link(s) to each program and sponsoring agency
 9.    Timeline
        9a.    To complete the proposed project
        9b.    To submit grant application(s) to external program(s)/sponsor(s)
 10.  History of FGCU Internal Awards (* Please provide PI’s name, Internal award title, Project title, Award $ amount, Award period)
        10a.  Specify FGCU internal awards received, if any, in the last five years
        10.b  Funded external grants, if any, resulted from the internal award(s) received in the last five years
11.    Budget (SGPS can only be used for faculty course buyout and/or student stipend, or < $500 for supplies)
12.    References Cited 

Review Criteria 

1.  45% Plan and potential/opportunity for external grant funding
2.  35% Overall merit of the project and proposal
3.  20% Track record of submitting external grant applications and securing external funding,
                especially resulted from previous internal awards (e.g. MDRI, SGPS), if any