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Parking Services

Parking Services

Parking Services
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Parking Services Division
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
Fort Myers, FL. 33965-6565

Phone: (239) 590-1912
Fax: (239) 590-1910

Decal and Permit Fees



Students receive the initial permit at no cost. Lost or stolen permits/decals will cost $30 ($28.30 + Sales Tax $1.70) to replace prior to expiration date. Review expiration date on permit/decal.

Parking Permit Fees:

Permit Type




Faculty/Staff Annual



$111.32 + Sales Tax $6.68

Faculty/Staff Annual LEED



$88.68 + Sales Tax $5.32

Faculty/Staff Reserved



$504.72 + Sales Tax $30.28

Faculty/Staff Reserved LEED



$482.08 + Sales Tax $28.92

Faculty/Staff OPS Annual (non-student)



$28.30 + Sales Tax $1.70

Adjunct Annual



$28.30 + Sales Tax $1.70




$56.60 + Sales Tax $3.40

2 Terms



$113.20 + Sales Tax $6.80

Motorcycle (only)



$23.58 + Sales Tax $1.42

Motorcycle (second vehicle)



$9.43 + Sales Tax $.57

Payment options for Faculty/Staff members

  • Payroll Reduction is available after July 1 through the beginning of the fall term for Faculty/Staff Annual and Reserved permits only.

    • Register vehicle/Renew permit on Gulfline.
    • Print out Permit  Registration form following instruction at bottom of form.
    • Complete Payroll Reduction request through Gulfline Open Enrollment process. Download complete instructions to follow here    
    • Once Open Enrollment process is complete, send your Permit Registration form to parking. Gulfline Open Enrollment takes overnight to process.  Your permit will be sent via inter-departmental mail.
    • You may also bring the Permit Registration form to Parking Services to pick up your permit. Allow 24 hours for the request for payroll reduction to process.  


  • Cash, check, or credit card payments are received by the cashier, ground-floor windows located at McTarnaghan Hall. You must first contact Parking Services to post the fee to your account. You must then bring your receipt to Parking Services located in McTarnaghan Hall room 142 to receive your decal or permit or arrange to have it sent thru inter- office mail.