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Physical Plant

Physical Plant

Custodial Services


The University's custodial services are provided through a private contractor who provide service to a total of 1,200,000 square feet. The University has contracted custodial services for day and evening hours in order to meet the needs of everyone. Services are also provided for special events at an additional cost to the requester. Pressure cleaning of building exteriors and covered walkways are done on a scheduled basis. The intent of the service is to provide an aesthetically pleasing, safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning. A Customer Request must be submitted for all special custodial needs. If you have a custodial emergency that requires immediate attention or notice service is needed in a common area, please contact the Work Management Center at (239) 590-1370.

General office and suite cleaning services included in the contract price are with United States Service Industry (USSI):

In keeping with the mission of the University, USSI only uses certified Green Seal products that are environmentally friendly and has green housekeeping procedures in place to which the custodial staff must adhere.

Green Seal product information

USSI's Green Seal certification

USSI's Green Housekeeping procedural information


USSI's Door Dot System 

Established as a means to communicate the door-locking preferences for each area, the custodial contractor supplies and uses a color-coded door dot system.  Every door will have a color-coded dot on the top left corner of the door frame.  Departments do not supply the door dots.  Designated department primary and secondary contacts should discuss locking preferences with faculty and staff and provide the information to the Work Management Center.  Submit, in any format, a list of the room numbers in the department's assigned area and note the color dot choice. 

Color Coded Dot System

Red Dot - The door is to be closed and locked after cleaning

Green Dot – The door is to remain closed, but not locked after cleaning

Blue Dot – Do not enter

The door dot System is one of many processes incorporated in USSI’s procedures that will enhance security as well as efficiency. After implementation, if you find the dot does not agree with your locking choice or the dot needs to be updated, please feel free to email Work Management at so we can make the appropriate changes.

If we do not hear from you about a specific door or doors, we will default to the RED DOT or “door to be closed and locked after cleaning.

Additional Downloadable Resources

"Approved for Entry" bilingual sign [.pdf-87kb]

"Items left here intentionally" bilingual sign [.pdf-79kb]

"Do Not Clean This Room" bilingual door tag [.jpg-41kb]