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Physical Plant

Physical Plant

Moving Checklist


General Instructions

Change Shipping Information

Arrange to update "Ship To" codes with Shipping & Receiving by calling 590-1321 or email the warehouse manager. As a reminder "Ship To" codes are based on location. So when a person's location changes, the "Ship To" code changes.


Office Phones

Contact Telecommunications to transfer your phone line or order a new phone number for your location.


Office Computers

Contact Business Technology Services (BTS) to disconnect or activate a network port/



Office keys can be ordered by submitting a Key Request Form.  The key holder will be notified by email when the office key is ready to be picked up from the Work Management Center, Campus Support Complex, room 30.

When office keys are exchanged between employees, please notify the Work Management Center by submitting a Key Transfer Form.  Make sure the etched key code is noted on the transfer form to ensure individual's key records are updated correctly. If there is no serial number etched on the key, please make arrangements to take keys to the Work Management Center to have the keys coded. This is to ensure that keys are tracked down to the individual assigned if keys are lost and found.


Other Information

Boxes for packing and moving are purchased from a private, contracted moving firm by Physical Plant; therefore, departments will be charged back for boxes. Boxes can be ordered through the Work Management Center. A Customer Request must be submitted specifying quantity, size, and delivery location.

Prices updated 3/2/16



Cost for 1.5 cu ft. of carton

$0.90 ea

Departments can purchase different sized boxes or other moving supplies from University approved vendors. Physical Plant only stocks one size moving box.

Furniture and equipment moving for new facilities and for major projects in existing facilities is accomplished via contract with a private firm. Therefore, departments will be charged back for moving costs and associated moving supplies.

A request must be submitted to the Work Management Center for ordering boxes and for moving furniture or equipment. Contact the Work Management Center at 590-1370 or

Depending on the size and urgency of the job, an outside contractor may need to be hired. If the request can be done at a future date with no significant impact on operations, it will be combined with other requests so the work can be done efficiently by internal staff or an outside contractor. Physical Plant will generally require a five (5) day lead time to provide moving services. We will do everything possible to accommodate emergencies caused by unforeseen circumstances, but due to limited staff, no expectations should be made for requests with less than five (5) days notice.

Surplus Items: Anything considered surplus should be reported as soon as possible to the appropriate administrative unit of your department so that a Customer Request can be initiated. The items will be picked up and transported to the Physical Plant warehouse for proper disposition. Please do not move items (to new location) that you do not want or need.

Disposal of Boxes: After unpacking, boxes may both be retained by the department or broken down and placed in a convenient central location for pickup by the Physical Plant (please submit a Customer Request). Boxes will not be picked up from individual offices. The boxes will be either recycled or conserved for future moves.


Please do the following to expedite the moving process:

Arrange to update "Ship To" codes with Shipping & Receiving by calling 590-1321 or email the warehouse manager. As a reminder, "Ship To" codes are based on location. So when a person's location changes, the "Ship To" code changes.

Pack and label all items being moved by the moving company.

Boxes should be packed so they are full and form a solid surface when they are taped shut; and they must be taped shut to be moved.

Place the label or mark the box on the side, not top or bottom. It makes it easier to determine the proper location when the boxes are stacked.

The moving company will not move unlabeled boxes or those not taped shut.

Empty all furniture, drawers, overhead cabinets, and vertical and lateral file cabinets; they will not be moved unless they are emptied. All contents should be placed in the moving boxes provided and marked appropriately.

Tape keys to file cabinets in the top drawer and tape overhead keys inside on shelf.

Label typewriter tables, printer stands, bulletin boards or any other accessory equipment that has been purchased out of your departmental budget and will be moving to the new facility.

Leave 1 large (3.0 cubic ft.) box labeled and empty on the desk near the computer for BTS to pack.

Be sure to place a large "X" on the end of the box near the label indicating computer equipment so that it is very easy to locate for reconnection.

Label boxes and equipment by destination. Place your name and new office number on the label or directly on the box in legible large lettering. For example: building, floor, room number (where the movers should move the item to; if going to a temporary holding area such as Physical Plant Warehouse, note that down, too).


Please DO NOT do the following:

Pack items which are personal, valuable and breakable (e.g., pictures, vases, candy dishes) with other items in your office. Employees are responsible for moving all personal items. The movers will not be liable for personal items.

Place moving labels on personal boxes. Please separate personal items from other office items being moved. The movers will not move personal boxes or items. Personal items can be moved after the official move has been completed.

Label any furniture that will not be moved by the moving company. This includes chairs, file cabinets, bookcases and credenzas.

Pack or store any items in recycling bins or waste receptacles  .

Remove either the recycling or the waste receptacle from your current office. New recycling and waste receptacles will be provided by Physical Plant in newly constructed buildings.

Pack the computer in the office. Business Technology Services (BTS) will disconnect and pack computers and network printers. Please remember to leave 1 large (3.0 cubic ft.) box labeled and empty on the desk near the computer for BTS to pack.

Pack the phone in the office. Phones will be disconnected, packed and reconnected along with the computer. Due to the number of lines that must be moved, plan on being without phone service during the move. Voice mail will be available during the move by using Outlook or by calling into the voicemail system at 590-1550. All phones should be reconnected and operational by the scheduled move in date. If you have any questions or a special need for phone service during the move, please contact Telecommunications.

Leave any items or files in drawers, overhead cabinets, vertical and lateral file cabinets. File cabinets will not be moved unless they are emptied. All contents should be placed in moving boxes provided and marked appropriately.

All the personal contents in the offices must be removed before the scheduled moving date, so that the offices can be cleaned for staff moving into them.