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Strategic Plan 2016

Strategic Plan 2016

Welcome to the Planning and Budget Council (PBC) Strategic Planning Website


An Overview of the Strategic Planning Process: 2015-2020

FGCU's Board of Trustees approved our most recent university strategic plan in June 2010, covering the period from 2010 to 2015 (see current strategic plan). The plan's goals and embedded strategies served us well as a roadmap to our future.  It is now time to conduct an update to our strategic plan for the next five years.  To facilitate that process, the University Planning and Budget Council (PBC) has established a strategic planning process that embraces shared governance, as required by our regional accrediting agency, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), and our own internal policies and practices.  This effort will culiminate in June 2015 with a BOT approved, updated strategic plan (see timeline chart).  

The first phase of the process of updating the strategic plan is initial data gathering.  This has two components: a review of FGCU's mission and vision statements; and the completion of two environmental scans: internal and external.  The mission and vision review process is an opportunity for the entire FGCU community, including students, staff, faculty, and administration, to review and recommit to the mission and purpose of FGCU. Broad-based input will provide insights with regard to how well prepared we are to continue to serve our constituents and how true we are to the principles and values we embrace as an institution of higher learning.  This review of the misson and vision will commence shortly with the distribution of an online questionnaire that will be available to all members of the FGCU community and two open forums planned for the week of November 10th, 2014.  

The environment scans will proceed concurrently with the review of the vision and mission statements and will focus on internal and external factors that are likely to have an influence on the fulfillment of our mission and progress toward the attainment of our vision.  Members of the Planning and Budget Council will oversee this process, assisted by the Director of the Lutgert College of Business' Regional Economic Research Institute, Dr. Gary Jackson, who performed the prior external scan five years ago.

The Planning and Budget Council will then use the results of these first two components of the planning process to develop strategic goals that address key priorities of the institution and those for the system as described in the Board of Governors (BOG) strategic plan (see BOG 2025 plan).  At the January 20, 2015 meeting of the Florida Gulf Coast University Board of Trustees, a workshop, open to the public, will be held to discuss the results of the mission and vision review, the environmental scans, and the proposed strategic goals.  Discussion from that workshop will inform the following stages of the development of the new five-year strategic plan.

Going forward from that point, all academic and administrative units will be given a template to develop action plans addressing the updated strategic goals.  At the same time, the university-wide topics, such as enrollment management, campus master planning, information resources, budget, and online learning, will be addressed by the appropriate university committees and offices.  These report will supplement the action plans and toegether will form the core of the updated university strategic plan.  In the preparation of actions and performance targets, consideration will be given to current performance and desired performance.  This work will occur during the February through April 2015 timeframe with an update of the progress to date provided to the Board of Trustees.

The updated university strategic plan wil be forwarded by the PBC to the President's Cabinet in advance of being placed on the agenda for final review and approval by the FGCU Booard of Trustees at its June 2015 meeting.  Following final approval, the completed and approved 2015-2020 FGCU Strategic Plan will be provided to the Florida State University System Board of Governors as required by BOG regulations.

If you have any questions or would like additional information on FGCU’s planning process, please contact Dr. Paul Snyder, Sr. Associate Provost for Planning and Institutional Performance at or 590-7050.