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Strategic Planning Update

Strategic Planning Update

Committee Charge


Review and Update FGCU Strategic Plan 2016-2021

Based on feedback from the SUS Chancellor, and the Board of Governors, along with changing fiscal conditions, modify the FGCU Strategic Plan for 2016-2021.

Broaden the approach so that all units will see a role to play in advancing FGCU in its service to the students, the community and the state. Focus on strategies, while tactical implementation will be embedded in annual plans of work.

The priority theme will be our commitment to improving student affordability, progress, success and outcomes.

Seek input from all relevant quarters but also move with dispatch under the direction of a relatively small, representative ad hoc committee while keeping the FGCU Board of Trustees fully informed Provide a draft, update, and progress report at the September 12 FGCU BOT meeting.



  • Address BOG Concerns:
    • New professional schools
    • Emerging Pre-eminence
    • Number of new programs being proposed
  • Address loss of $8M in Performance Funding
  • Address new World Class Scholars (WCSLs) and Graduate/Professional Funding
  • Address Plan inclusion of Student Affairs, Advancement, Administrative Services and Finance, and College of Education, among others
  • Address prioritization of objectives and actions within pillars and across pillars
  • Ensure there is a budget to support the identified priorities in the Plan
  • Address the issue of civics education required by the Legislature for First-Time- In-College (FTIC) students starting in fall 2018
  • Include community engagement and outreach


  • First two weeks in July:
    • Consult with Chair Goodlette
    • Select planning approach
  • Third week in July:
    • Process chosen
    • Ad hoc committee appointed
  • August:
    • Work begins
  • September:
    • First revision produced
    • Vetted with Cabinet, and internal bodies (Council of Deans, Faculty Senate, Staff Advisory Council, Student Government)
    • Vetted with FGCU Board of Trustees at September 12 meeting
    • Feedback received
  • October:
    • Final revision produced
    • Vetted with Cabinet
    • Put on BOT agenda for December 8 meeting
  • December:
    • BOT approval and submit to BOG


 Ad Hoc Committee Membership:

Dr. Christopher Westley - Chair Director of Regional Economic Research Institute in Lutgert College of Business
Ms. Teri Bigos 2017-2018 Staff Advisory Council (SAC) President
Dr. Andrew Cinoman Director of New Student Programs
Dr. Eunny Hyun College of Education Dean
Mr. Joe McDonald Associate Vice President for Administrative Services and Finance
Dr. Michael McDonald 2017-2018 Faculty Senate President
Ms. Katherine Hernandez Navarro Diversity and Inclusion Manager in Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance
Ms. Noelle Stone Student Government Chief of Staff
Ms. Deborah Wiltrout Associate Vice President for Marketing and Communications