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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Budget and Management Services

Budget & Management Services provides oversight responsibilities for all personnel processes related to faculty, budget, and finanaces for the Division of Academic Affairs. This oversight includes:
  • Budget
  • Credentialing
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Financial Reporting
  • New Position Requests
  • UFF Collective Bargaining


    Our Team:




    Jennifer Baker        

    Budget & Management Services

     ext. 7002
    -Budgets: E&G accounts
    -Faculty and Staff Recruitment
    -Chief Negotiator for Collective Bargaining Management Team
    -Approves EPAF's
    -Faculty Effort Reporting
    -Dean/Chair Resource
    -Materials Supply/Equipment Fees
    Susan Baurer

    Assistant Director,
    Management Services

     ext. 4251
    -Assist with Faculty recruiting
    -Review of credentials and letter of justifications (LOJ's)
    -Approves EPAF's
    -Faculty roster and syllabi
    -Credentials data base access
    Jena Padilla

    Budget & Management Services    

     ext. 1849
    -Budgets: Foundation and Auxiliary accounts
    -Faculty and Staff Recruitment
    -Academic Affairs space contact
    -Back up EPAF's for Jennifer Baker
    Hong Yue

    Manager, Academic Data Analyst

     ext. 4374
    -Database analyst
    -Credentials database                               
    -Academic Affairs COGNOS Liasion
    Alexis Arnow

    Executive Secretary

     ext. 7669
    -Executive Secretary to Director, Budget & Management Svcs. and Faculty Senate Assistant
    -Maintains website for Faculty Senate, Collective Bargaining
    -Request for approval of outside employment
    -Professional Development Grant
    -IPC - Certificate of Participation
    Karen Volpe

    Senior Secretary

     ext. 7017
    -Maintain records management for all faculty files
    (official and notarized transcripts, CV's, offer letters)
    -Faculty evaluations; Professional development plans
    -Property Manager
    -Back up EPAF's for Susan Baurer