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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Faculty Involvement Work Group


The FIG is a focal point of the work of the Task Force on Student Success that comprises the President’s Cabinet serving as the steering committee. This work group will focus on how faculty can be more engaged in student success (e.g, enhanced use of Canvas features to track student participation; implementing a mid-term grading policy; looking at incentives based on program or departmental student outcomes; e.g., enrollment in major, time to degree, academic progress, degree production, post-graduation employment and wages, etc.).



Meeting Dates






Faculty Involvement Group

Sub-Group Chair - Sandra Pavelka - Vice President, Faculty Senate




Lucas Center

Bill Reynolds

Lucas Center Director

Center for Academic Achievement

Brandon Johnson

Director, Center for Academic Achievement

Academic Chairs

Eric Shamus

Chair, Rehabilitation Sciences

College Advisors

Locksley Knibbs

Academic Advisor I

Deans Council

Barbara Stites

Associate Library Dean

Department of e-Learning and Academic Web

Dave Jaeger

Director, e-Learning and Academic Web

Faculty Senate

Patrick Niner

Parliamentarian, Faculty Senate

Staff Advisory Council

Lauren Strunk


Student Government

 Wade Henry