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Office of the Provost

Office of the Provost

Student Progress Work Group


The SPG is a focal point of the work of the Task Force on Student Success that comprises the President’s Cabinet serving as the steering committee. This work group will focus on policies and practices affecting behaviors that impact student academic progress (e.g., change in majors; student holds on registration and impediments to graduation such as service-learning hours; withdrawals, transfer out, etc.). The SPG will carefully consider what changes need to be instituted to promote student progression to timely graduation. This work group will also be charged with the oversight of the “Soar in 4” and the “Soaring Higher” programs. The “Soaring Higher” program will allow all FGCU undergraduate students, who graduate within four years and are admitted to an FGCU graduate degree program, to receive a tuition waiver for the second year of graduate school providing they are studying full-time and making satisfactory academic progress.  



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Student Progress Group

Sub-Group Chair - Dawn Kirby - Dean, Undergraduate Studies




Academic Chairs

Chris Geiger

Chair of Bioengineering, WCE

College Advisors

Marisa Ouverson

Director, Enrollment Management, LCOB

Deans Council

Mary Ann Zager

Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Student Affairs

Andrew Cinoman

Director of New Student Programs

Registrar's Office

Susan Byars

University Registrar

Graduate Studies

Francisco Marquez

Director, Graduate Studies

Student Affairs

Reid Lennertz

Director of Career Services

Staff Advisory Council



Faculty Senate



Student Government

 Dominique Mobley