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The Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) of FGCU

The Next Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) for FGCU

QEP Background


The Quality Enhancement Plan or QEP is a significant part of SACS accreditation standards. It involves both a core requirement (2.12) and a comprehensive standard (3.3.2). It is a major institutional initiative intended to improve student learning.

It includes an institutional process for identifying key issues emerging from an institutional assessment and focuses on learning outcomes and/or the environment supporting student learning and accomplishing the mission of the institution (CR2.12).

The QEP is to demonstrate institutional capability for the initiation, implementation, and completion of the project; include broad-based involvement of institutional constituencies in the development and proposed implementation of the project; and identifies goals and a plan to assess project achievement (CS 3.3.2).

FGCU successfully completed its first QEP in 2010. It focused upon student learning outcomes of ecological perspective and civic engagement. The life of the second QEP will cover the period 2015 -2019 but will require several years of preparation and review. Hence the need to begin the process during the 2011-2012 academic year.